Drones Made Out of Pineapple Leaves?

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane?”, if you have a solid guess in your mind, you’d better hold your horses as it it’s drones instead of a red-caped flying man.

Somewhat a cultural phenomenon for gadget enthusiast, the creation drones undoubtedly enhance our lives as helping us reach places we couldn’t and also to see things we can’t. What is often made out of carbon fiber or plastic materials may have taken a turn for the better of Mother Earth, as researchers from Putra University has figured out a way to make drones from pineapple leaves.

Before we move to the specifications, it’s important to mention that the drone frames ar the ones made out of pineapple leaves. In an interview with Reuters, Professor Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sultan who had successfully found a way to turn fiber from pineapple leaves into material sturdy enough to make drone frames, said that drones built with the material had a higher strength-to-weight ratio than frames made with synthetic fibers. They’re cheaper and lighter, too, making it easier for them to fly greater distances and greater speed.

So how does a drone made out of pineapple leaves help nature? Drone flyers may be familiar with the dreaded feeling when your drone flies beyond your sight and connection, only to crash land somewhere untraceable. If remained uncovered for a long amount of time, one may give up the search to get a new drone instead while their lost plastic drone sits somewhere in the dirt, for almost eternity.

These new biodegradable drones help fix that problem, as the researchers say that A damaged frame can be buried and the bio-composite material will degrade within two weeks.

Prototypes made from the material have also flown to around 1,000 meters and can stay aloft for about 20 minutes, much like any other drone.

Started in 2017, the project helps finding sustainable uses for pineapple waste. Farmers are known to burn or discard these leaves after harvest, which can cause air pollution. Selling the waste to these research would help increase their income and may benefit the environment instead.

Malaysian Acts Out Various Roles, Tricks Friend Into Believing She’s In An “Online Relationship” For Two Years

If you think impersonating a person on the internet is hard, you’re in for a treat as this Malaysian teen just showed us that that not only impersonating one person is a piece of cake as impersonating three people at the same time is as well!

In a recent story that is trending locally and on social media, it starts with how a girl by the name of Rachel Chin met Yan at a birthday party and soon became good friends after. Little known to Yan, that this is where all her trouble would start.

Soon after becoming friends, Chin would reveal to her newly bonded friend that she had a rough childhood that involves an abusive father and a mentally challenged mother. She also added that she grew up in the company of a rich godparents instead who adopted her as a child as she was allegedly deemed “luck and wealth bringing” by a “fortune teller”

Chin also had a god-brother called Daniel who she would then introduce to Yan simply by exchanging their WeChat and Instagram accounts. Things would go on later as Yan and Daniel starts a romantic online relationship.

Soon after, Chin’s godmother that is known as Cindy would slowly start communicating with Yan as well, since she’s starting to be a well-known family friend. 

Daniel who resided in Singapore would later reveal to Yan that he has cancer, sparking pity from Yan instantly who talked on the phone with him every night and also travelling to a local hospital when he had to undergo a surgery in the wee hours of the morning. 

Amid all these, Yan still wouldn’t have ever seen Daniel face-to-face as somehow the circumstances weren’t always so fitting, and timing was always a tricky thing to deal with. Daniel was also known to have given all sorts of excuses when Yan initiated to meet up.

Fast forward two years later, Yan who was still in this “relationship” with Daniel and still haven’t met him started growing suspicions and finally decided to do her research soon after. 

She then found out that Daniel’s seemingly legit Instagram account is in fact fake, along with his WeChat account, which impersonates a real-life Daniel which she has no relations to.

Not only that, Chin’s step-mother, Cindy, who Yan had grown close to know as her very own mother, have also all been made up along with the social and messaging accounts; and who was the mastermind behind all these? Chin herself, whom which she met at that birthday party years back.

Throughout the years, Daniels’s social images of his daily life and being at the hospital for “surgeries” were also fake. To acquire images of being at a hospital, Chin would lie to one of her other friends to be her ride to the hospital, making up a lie her friend “Dylan” had met in an accident and was to undergo life-threatening surgeries.

At the hospital, Chin would then act as both Daniel who was to undergo surgery and Cindy who was there for her “son”

Chin also search the internet for pictures of a coffin and funeral to depict her step-mother, Cindy’s “death” as well. These pictures would than be used to con Yan and her other friends into thinking that Chin is in fact at a funeral.

To create the voice of “Daniel”, Chin had utilized voice changing apps to act as “Daniel” and communicate with Yan throughout their two-year “relationship”. What’s more surprising is that Chin had always been with Yan who would be in distraught by the news of Daniel’s cancer implications and also being unable to show up for their “dates”.

Yan also found out that a song which “Daniel” had allegedly “wrote” and “sang” for her was in fact written and performed by a Malaysian singer known as 菲道尔 or Firdhaus.

Whatever her reasoning was, Chin issued an apology to the friends she had lied to, friends she had used to cover her scheme, and most importantly to Yan who had been in a blind relationship for the past two years.

Yan on the other hand had been persistent in revealing Chin’s lies and schemes to the public and is still in awe on how her romantic relationship with “Daniel”, was in fact with Chin all along.

The story has since been retold multiple times by netizens due to its length and has also garnered attention from the infamous GSC Facebook admin. For the full story, visit Yan’s telling of the whole experience here.

5 Ways To Improve from 2020

1) Detox and declutter

Treat a year as if going to be your body, whatever you take in reflects as a whole. Take a look around the house or your room, if you notice stuff you don’t need or stuff that has simply been there collecting dust for way too long, get it out. This doesn’t only work with stuff in the house but also works with your lifestyle, still holding on to that membership for the gym you don’t go to anymore or still have certain unhealthy practices? Well guess what? Now is a better time to detox than any.

2) Organize

Your schedule, your desk, your office or even your kitchen, 2020 was indeed messy and it’s easily noticeable with all the mess around you. Take the time to organize the mess that was 2020 in order to make 2020 a spacious and healthy one to look at.

3) Start small

You don’t have to start running every morning before work or quit your unhealthy snacking immediately, start small by taking one step at a time, such as taking a 10 minute walk after lunch or limit your sweet snacking to a bare minimum for the meantime; you could then move along from there.

4) Get out

We may have a pandemic going on now, but that doesn’t give you a reason to live off your work desk or sofa. An evening walk around the neighborhood would do wonders when thinking about the amount of time you’ve spent at home.

5) Meet someone new

This does not necessarily mean a romantic relationship as you have more friend-material around you than you think. The person that serves you coffee and the local coffeehouse or the group that plays badminton at your nearby sports center, relationships and communication are important during these times; all it takes is a simple hello to start something new.

World Introvert Day: 5 Ways to Live With An Introvert

Yes, the spotlight now is clearly on New Years Day and how it’s going to be the start of new beginnings, but a little known day comes just after the first of January which is in fact World Introvert Day.

A day to celebrate our friends and family who are the quiet ones and rarely the life of the party; World Introvert Day started when psychologist and author Felicitas Heyne published a blog post calling for a day for us quiet ones that are comfortable being out of the spotlight.

In a noisy world, those who are quiet are often overlooked, hence, a day to celebrate their uniqueness seems only fitting. In a bid to understand those who are less vocal and outgoing, here are five ways to live with introverts.

1) Accept

Even when you don’t understand their whys and whats, understand that people are different from you and that you can’t expect everyone to be out and about as you are. Nonetheless, introverts still want to feel welcome and you should do so in a way that isn’t too overwhelming.

2) Observe

Introverts pay extra attention to verbal and non-verbal cues around them, you should too. When coming on an introvert in a conversation, observe if they are too overwhelmed by you or if they are in anyway uncomfortable with the attention by noticing the various verbal and non-verbal cues they are sending out.

3) Space

Introverts love their space and have personal boundaries to wherever they go. Respect this by not pursuing or pushing them into a conversation or event that they don’t want to be at.

4) Spend time together wisely

Introverts aren’t the ones for pointless get togethers where the music is so loud that talking is almost impossible. When gathering with an introvert, keep things small and simple while avoiding places that could be too overwhelming for their sense; instead, opt for settings that allows conversation and space for introverts to simply be themselves.

5) Solitude time is essential

Every now and then, introverts would have to crawl up into their cave to recharge for the next big function. When your initiatives to gather together happen to get rejected more than usual, don’t insist and just give it time as you’d see them once more, whenever they’re easy to step out into the world again.

6 Tweets to Welcome 2021

As unbelievable as it seems, we’ve finally made in to 2021 all in one averagely fine piece.

With all the mishaps that we’ve had since the pandemic struck in 2020, 2021 was the only thing we’ve all looked forward to; now that all those are far behind us in the past, 2021 is one we’re hopeful for  as what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ain’t it?

With merely two days in the year, netizens are quick to express their gratitude for surviving a rather horrid 2020 or how it’s going to be 2020 part 2. Nonetheless to whichever side you’re on, here are the 6 best tweets we’ve found that about 2021 yet.







5 Practices to Begin a Minimalist Year

Whatever the reason is, practicing a lifestyle of minimalism can in turn be challenging but also life changing at the same time. 

Gone will be the days of icky clutter and 2021 would be the year where less is in fact more. Like every other life changing decision, simplicity takes a few steps and patience to reel in while sometimes it takes a little boost to make that jump in order to see how happy the other steps would be.

Although you might not think of any, there are many things in your life that you can simplify, such as clutter, debt, home and schedule. These are a few ways to ensure that 2021 isnt going to be jammed pack out of the box.

1) Write stuff down

Visual aids are always a great way to begin if you want to take that first step towards making life simpler and more straightforward. What are the reasons that you want this change? Are you tired of looking at a messy cupboard or fed up of being stressed out at night? These are your whys, and they provide great motivation to keep you going, your reasons would help you remember when you need them too.

2) You really don’t need any duplicates

Grab a box, walk around your home, if you see something that you have two of, chuck it in the box. Two sets of the same hand-mixer, copies of the same book, two of the same mats for your bedroom, if you don’t see yourself using it for the next couple of weeks, chances are that you don’t need it.

3) Clutter-free zones

Clutter doesn’t only take up space, but it also causes unnecessary stress with many of this only adding on to what we’re facing right now in this whole pandemic. Declare clutter free zones in your home to ensure the utmost focus when needed. If you too enjoy that clean and clear environment, look towards expanding your zone each day in order to have that clutter-free home that you’ve been planning about.

4) Think less, do more

Whether it be eating, travelling or simply living, the time taken where you’re deciding on stuff is best spent doing it instead. Spend lesser time to decide on what to have for lunch, what to wear or what to make for your family dinner; try a healthy routine that you could use to rotate throughout the week where you’d have 2 or 3 dinner choices for example.

5) Travel light

Travelling on a holiday or simply travelling to work is best when you’re aren’t held down by baggage mainly in your pockets and your backpack. The next time you take a trip for the week, pack half of what you planned for initially; when commuting for work, take less cash if you don’t plan on using them all, especially with the amount of e-wallet choices we have these days.

“Only Use Hands if You Have No Head” Eatery Settles Forehead or Wrist Dispute Once And For All

You’ve seen it more than once, customers to a restaurant or shoppers at a mall, there’ll always be people who end up using their hands for temperature taking instead of using their foreheads like how we’re supposed to be.

So that brings the question to which method should we use? To answer the question, an eatery in Singapore has resorted to leave a sign outside where customers are to have their temperature taken at a machine – Only use your hands to have your temperature taken if you don’t have a head. 

With some of us more clearly still more confused than the other, this one eatery is obviously fed up with all the connotation of “having your temperature taken”.  

Should get scanned for your temperature at the wrist or forehead?

Health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah said that having it taken at the forehead would result in the most accurate body temperature reading. However, Malaysians who were concerned about infrared rays perpetrating the skull and affecting the brain started the trend of using their wrists instead, causing a nationwide phenomenon.

Arms are not considered in temperature checks as they are the peripheral parts of the body, and extremities would have temperatures at the arms vary depending on environmental conditions.

The normal human body temperature varies from 36.5°C to 37.5°C, any temperature higher would be considered a fever.

Dr Noor Hisham also assured to the public on how there have been no reported side effects of scanning the forehead with infrared light

“We do not deny that many people are worried about side effects if they use the thermometer on their foreheads, but as far as we know, there is no scientific data that states it will cause illness,” he said.

The Week Between Christmas and New Year’s Can be A Little Weird

The week between Christmas and New Year’s isn’t like any other days, whether you call it “Betwixtmas,” “Crimbo Limbo,” or “The Merrineum, it is in fact a weird one as you aren’t sure if you should be carrying on with your days as usual or be ready to reel in the new year.

It is a strange period in exceptionally strange times as well, so it’s all normal if you feel somewhat uneasy and don’t have a proper direction to go in.

If you find this period way too uneasy to go by, here are seven tweets that would perhaps help brighten the situation and also to help you in defining your whatever you would call this period.

Whatever you plan to do, remember to do it with some positivity. It still took you a long way to finally reach this point, didn’t it?

If one of us would be looking for a way to define this year, look no further as we’ve practically been living like this since the start of the pandemic.

No, you shouldn’t be drinking at 10am; but I guess we surely can’t stop you with your decisions.

If my boss is seeing this, we’re sorry but not sorry at the same time.

Like we said, nobody’s stopping you from doing anything.

Yeah, we only have one day on our minds and it doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out.

We don’t know a lot of things, but one thing we know for sure is Christmas cookies.

5 Ways to Deal With the Christmas Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but when a pandemic has taken up the whole year, trying to deck the halls with boughs of holly may be a harder task than usual this time.

It’s important to know that it’s understandably normal to feel the blues during this festive season as some of us may have more downs than ups in 2020 that Christmas doesn’t even feel festive anymore.

Apart from skipping Christmas parties and cutting down on holidays festivities, a blue Christmas isn’t permanent as there are ways to overcome them. Here are 5 ways to ensure that your holidays are filled with festive when you need it.

1) Limit alcohol intake

Instead of beer and wine, try stirring up a mock tail or perhaps even a classic homemade cup of eggnog instead to lifted the mood. If you are in fact at a party, limit yourself to fewer servings of alcohol and focus your energy on catching up with friends for the season instead.

2) Get some sleep

A little bit of sleep helps boosts your immunity and importantly, you mood as well. Take rests when you have too and refrain from staying up too later as some good sleep goes a long way when you need the energy for the next day.

3) Learn to say no

Yes, gathering with family and friends are important during this time of the year; don’t overpower yourself with a full schedule and remember to take time for yourself when you need it, but do remember to spend time with them, Christmas is still in fact the perfect time for family time.

4) Avoid overeating

Christmas food may be wholesome and oh so tempting for seconds, but avoid overeating and only eat what you can. You are what you eat, so you certainly don’t want to be a turkey on the sofa during this festive season.

5) Volunteer

As many are less fortunate than you, take this time of the year to give. Look for soup kitchens or volunteer centers where you could help spread the joy of Christmas, plus the gift of giving is always a good one to give out for Christmas.

5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That You Could Surely Get In Time

You never thought that it’ll happen, but here you are, hours before that secret Santa Christmas party that you’re supposed to show up to with a gift in hand.

Whether it be a way too busy work schedule before the holidays or plain bad time management, thank the lucky stars as the possibilities even for a last minute Christmas gift are endless. To save you from some unnecessary holiday season panic or the embarrassment of not having a gift in hand, here are 12 ideas for last minute Christmas gifts that you could easily get your hands on during this time of the year.

1) Mug

You could leave it at home, have it at your study or even bring it to work for your coffee runs. Coffee mugs are a perfect gift as it pretty much says “I’ve got your coffee runs well sorted out for the upcoming year”; on top of that, portable coffee mugs make it that much of a bling as nothing goes perfect with a busy schedule than a portable mug of hot coffee.

2) Dreamcatcher or wind chimes

As simple as it sounds dreamcatchers and wind chimes make a room or area that much more aesthetic. With its versatility, you may end up giving someone that last piece they need for whatever they wish to be decorating.

3) Tumbler

Let’s face it, Malaysia’s hot, humid, and we need to hydrate. What other way to say “drink up” than to give someone a tumbler that they could carry around. You might think it isn’t worthy, but you can tell a lot of a person by the tumbler they choose.

4) Scents

Ever wondered what a forest or even a Christmas morning smelled like? Wonder no longer as there are scent candles and scent sticks out there that has every aroma you could think of. From warm nights to even s’mores on a fire, want to give someone the smell of Christmas? There’s definitely a scent out there for that.

5) Minimalist notebook

In a very messed up world, minimalist accessories are the way to go. Pick out a very subtle but bold design for a notebook that you know that one would carry around for meeting and classes, As note-taking and journaling are beginning to have a rise when everyone is stuck at home during the pandemic, you might even give someone the urge to pick up on a new hobby.