The Simpsons May Have Predicted Kamala Harris’ Future and Outfit

Timeless and well-known American favorite, “The Simpsons”, may have just done it again with another alleged prediction that recently came through at the U.S. presidential inauguration.

A familiar scene from 2000 episode that saw Lisa Simpson as the successor of Trump and the U.S. president, and first female U.S. leader was recently seen to be reenacted with the inauguration of Kamala Harris; the details were depicted right down to the same outfits and accessories.

Sure, Harris wasn’t sworn in as president like Lisa was, but the similarities are definitely uncanny.

When Twitter broke out to the unearthing of the episode and the Simpsons prediction that had come through, even the voice of actor of Lisa Simpson, wanted to believe what her audiences were seeing.

Purple suit? Check. Pearl earrings and necklace? Check and check. 

Rest assured, what better way to start off a presidential year with a Simpsons prediction coming through?

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