Trump: The First U.S. President To Be Impeached Twice

Fresh out of inciting a mob that ran rampant over the U.S. capitol building, Donald Trump, who is clearly making headlines for all the wrong reasons is currently facing an impeachment trial again and critics aren’t writing out the possibilities of him being impeached again after the U.S. House of Representatives had voted to do so.

Trump was always one to go out with a bang, this however, may not be the bang that he was hoping for as the final days of his presidency comes closer.

Incitement of Insurrection

Following hours of debating, the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed an article of impeachment that charges Trump with “incitement of insurrection” for his role in the deadly riot at the US Capitol. The mob had done so in a bid to overturn the “stolen” election but had failed as Joe Biden’ presidency was confirmed by the joint session of Congress.

On a 232 to 197 vote, the House’s impeachment article called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove the powers of presidency from Trump, but Pence later on wrote a letter to speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi that he would do so as it “would set a terrible precedent.”

With that option out of the window, the House has moved to impeach the president by holding him accountable for actions of sedition against the U.S. government.

Democrats and Republicans alike

Although the impeachment was a go to for most democrats, a number of republicans in the house were also vocal for Trump’s impeachment, such as Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kitzinger, Sens. Pat Toomey and Lisa Murkowski on the Senate side.

According to the New York Times, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is reportedly leaning towards convicting Trump, believing the president offenses are impeachable.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Trump said, departing the White House for an event in Texas. 

“For Nancy Pelosi and [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer to continue on this path, I think it’s causing tremendous danger to our country and it’s causing tremendous anger.”

Other than that, Trump also defended his now deleted speech to the January 6th mob, calling it “totally appropriate”.

Requirements for an impeachment

A total of 216 are required from the House of Representatives; a trial is then heard in the Senate where two-thirds of the 100 senators must vote to convict.

A process that often takes months, the house intends to sped up the process and bring the articles of impeachment to a floor vote.

In short, the house votes, the article of impeachment is passed and presented to the senate where a trial must be held, the House prosecutes while the Senate sits as jury and Supreme Court Chief Justice presides, Trump is given the opportunity to defend himself.

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