Malaysian Acts Out Various Roles, Tricks Friend Into Believing She’s In An “Online Relationship” For Two Years

If you think impersonating a person on the internet is hard, you’re in for a treat as this Malaysian teen just showed us that that not only impersonating one person is a piece of cake as impersonating three people at the same time is as well!

In a recent story that is trending locally and on social media, it starts with how a girl by the name of Rachel Chin met Yan at a birthday party and soon became good friends after. Little known to Yan, that this is where all her trouble would start.

Soon after becoming friends, Chin would reveal to her newly bonded friend that she had a rough childhood that involves an abusive father and a mentally challenged mother. She also added that she grew up in the company of a rich godparents instead who adopted her as a child as she was allegedly deemed “luck and wealth bringing” by a “fortune teller”

Chin also had a god-brother called Daniel who she would then introduce to Yan simply by exchanging their WeChat and Instagram accounts. Things would go on later as Yan and Daniel starts a romantic online relationship.

Soon after, Chin’s godmother that is known as Cindy would slowly start communicating with Yan as well, since she’s starting to be a well-known family friend. 

Daniel who resided in Singapore would later reveal to Yan that he has cancer, sparking pity from Yan instantly who talked on the phone with him every night and also travelling to a local hospital when he had to undergo a surgery in the wee hours of the morning. 

Amid all these, Yan still wouldn’t have ever seen Daniel face-to-face as somehow the circumstances weren’t always so fitting, and timing was always a tricky thing to deal with. Daniel was also known to have given all sorts of excuses when Yan initiated to meet up.

Fast forward two years later, Yan who was still in this “relationship” with Daniel and still haven’t met him started growing suspicions and finally decided to do her research soon after. 

She then found out that Daniel’s seemingly legit Instagram account is in fact fake, along with his WeChat account, which impersonates a real-life Daniel which she has no relations to.

Not only that, Chin’s step-mother, Cindy, who Yan had grown close to know as her very own mother, have also all been made up along with the social and messaging accounts; and who was the mastermind behind all these? Chin herself, whom which she met at that birthday party years back.

Throughout the years, Daniels’s social images of his daily life and being at the hospital for “surgeries” were also fake. To acquire images of being at a hospital, Chin would lie to one of her other friends to be her ride to the hospital, making up a lie her friend “Dylan” had met in an accident and was to undergo life-threatening surgeries.

At the hospital, Chin would then act as both Daniel who was to undergo surgery and Cindy who was there for her “son”

Chin also search the internet for pictures of a coffin and funeral to depict her step-mother, Cindy’s “death” as well. These pictures would than be used to con Yan and her other friends into thinking that Chin is in fact at a funeral.

To create the voice of “Daniel”, Chin had utilized voice changing apps to act as “Daniel” and communicate with Yan throughout their two-year “relationship”. What’s more surprising is that Chin had always been with Yan who would be in distraught by the news of Daniel’s cancer implications and also being unable to show up for their “dates”.

Yan also found out that a song which “Daniel” had allegedly “wrote” and “sang” for her was in fact written and performed by a Malaysian singer known as 菲道尔 or Firdhaus.

Whatever her reasoning was, Chin issued an apology to the friends she had lied to, friends she had used to cover her scheme, and most importantly to Yan who had been in a blind relationship for the past two years.

Yan on the other hand had been persistent in revealing Chin’s lies and schemes to the public and is still in awe on how her romantic relationship with “Daniel”, was in fact with Chin all along.

The story has since been retold multiple times by netizens due to its length and has also garnered attention from the infamous GSC Facebook admin. For the full story, visit Yan’s telling of the whole experience here.

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