The Week Between Christmas and New Year’s Can be A Little Weird

The week between Christmas and New Year’s isn’t like any other days, whether you call it “Betwixtmas,” “Crimbo Limbo,” or “The Merrineum, it is in fact a weird one as you aren’t sure if you should be carrying on with your days as usual or be ready to reel in the new year.

It is a strange period in exceptionally strange times as well, so it’s all normal if you feel somewhat uneasy and don’t have a proper direction to go in.

If you find this period way too uneasy to go by, here are seven tweets that would perhaps help brighten the situation and also to help you in defining your whatever you would call this period.

Whatever you plan to do, remember to do it with some positivity. It still took you a long way to finally reach this point, didn’t it?

If one of us would be looking for a way to define this year, look no further as we’ve practically been living like this since the start of the pandemic.

No, you shouldn’t be drinking at 10am; but I guess we surely can’t stop you with your decisions.

If my boss is seeing this, we’re sorry but not sorry at the same time.

Like we said, nobody’s stopping you from doing anything.

Yeah, we only have one day on our minds and it doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out.

We don’t know a lot of things, but one thing we know for sure is Christmas cookies.

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