5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That You Could Surely Get In Time

You never thought that it’ll happen, but here you are, hours before that secret Santa Christmas party that you’re supposed to show up to with a gift in hand.

Whether it be a way too busy work schedule before the holidays or plain bad time management, thank the lucky stars as the possibilities even for a last minute Christmas gift are endless. To save you from some unnecessary holiday season panic or the embarrassment of not having a gift in hand, here are 12 ideas for last minute Christmas gifts that you could easily get your hands on during this time of the year.

1) Mug

You could leave it at home, have it at your study or even bring it to work for your coffee runs. Coffee mugs are a perfect gift as it pretty much says “I’ve got your coffee runs well sorted out for the upcoming year”; on top of that, portable coffee mugs make it that much of a bling as nothing goes perfect with a busy schedule than a portable mug of hot coffee.

2) Dreamcatcher or wind chimes

As simple as it sounds dreamcatchers and wind chimes make a room or area that much more aesthetic. With its versatility, you may end up giving someone that last piece they need for whatever they wish to be decorating.

3) Tumbler

Let’s face it, Malaysia’s hot, humid, and we need to hydrate. What other way to say “drink up” than to give someone a tumbler that they could carry around. You might think it isn’t worthy, but you can tell a lot of a person by the tumbler they choose.

4) Scents

Ever wondered what a forest or even a Christmas morning smelled like? Wonder no longer as there are scent candles and scent sticks out there that has every aroma you could think of. From warm nights to even s’mores on a fire, want to give someone the smell of Christmas? There’s definitely a scent out there for that.

5) Minimalist notebook

In a very messed up world, minimalist accessories are the way to go. Pick out a very subtle but bold design for a notebook that you know that one would carry around for meeting and classes, As note-taking and journaling are beginning to have a rise when everyone is stuck at home during the pandemic, you might even give someone the urge to pick up on a new hobby.

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