Uncle Roger Critics Jamie Oliver’s Egg Fried Rice

Famed YouTuber and comedian Nigel Ng have recently returned to reviewing cooking videos, this time of renown chef, Jamie Oliver’s attempt at the classic egg fried rice dish.

Egg fried rice, us Asian love it as it’s one of the best comfort food easily found around this area; a dish not as well-known across the waters in the U.K., one that is unfamiliar with the dish can find it complicated and may find it hard to replicate. However, that wasn’t the case for Oliver though as he may have created an egg fried rice of his own liking instead.

Nigel Ng, acting out his comedic persona, garnered a following since his video reviewing BBC host Hersha Patel’s attempt at the same dish and was already at a bad start when he said “Two second into video and I already see saucepan, “haiya””.

Oliver started the cooking process by whipping out a saucepan, this triggered Uncle Roger early on as he refers to the “wok hay” that is needed to make egg fried rice.

“No such thing as saucepan hay,” he goes on to explain about the use of woks being essential in making fried rice.

Oliver proceeds to pour in the spring onions to fry in the oil and pan.

“You put the spring onion as the last thing in your meal, not the first thing in the frying pan.” He then complained on how Oliver didn’t use garlic instead.

Four words later brought Uncle Roger to confusion, “packet pre-cooked rice”. This did not sit well with Uncle Roger who then educated his audience on the importance of fresh rice.

“You hear sizzling, I hear my ancestors crying.” Uncle Roger said as Oliver tosses the rice in the pan.

Oliver then picked out chili jam from his cabinet.

10 times that’s how many times Uncle Roger said the word “no” upon seeing Oliver drizzle the chili jam around the fried rice dish.

Oliver finished the dish with a splash of water from his kitchen tap and also with crumbled up tofu pieces, yes you read that right.

He then said that Asian culture is used to serving tofu in sliced up pieces, this did not sit well again with Uncle Roger.

“Too wet, no garlic, no MSG, he beak the tofu, it’s all wrong.” Uncle Roger said at the end of the video, putting an end to his own misery.

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