6 Ways to Spend Merdeka Day during a Pandemic

It’s here! Our nations 63rd Independence Day. We’ve come a long way since 1957 as a nation and as individuals ourselves, especially during this restricted movement control order (RMCO) period where we’ve had to disciplined ourselves to carry out daily tasks while maintaining standard operating procedures.

While the pandemic is still ongoing, there is still much to go on as celebrations strictly with standard operating procedures are still going on to celebrate what makes Malaysia, Malaysia.

On this festive day, there is no short of fun and celebrations going on as we’ve been doing this for the past 63 years. Although strict guidelines everywhere, KL has once again open it’s doors, barely, to welcome the festivity and life back into the heart of the country.

While we’re at it, here’s six things to do on this festive day while practising social distancing.

1) Catch a show at KLPAC 

Ever since returning into the spotlight post-MCO, KLPAC has brought life back to Sentul Park again with various performances and live shows. To aid in reviving the local perfoming arts centre, the community choir group, The young KL Group will be performing a series of cabaret shows from the 27th of August onwards with familiar tunes from Western blockbusters and nostalgic Disney films in the plans. Do visit their website for any more upcoming shows!

2) Ultron X JomRun Merdeka Virtual Marathon

We Malaysians love our morning and evening runs. One may not think of joining a marathon during this period as it doesn’t really help the case with social distancing, that isn’t the case here, as a virtual marathon is all one needs especially during these times. Ulton X JomRun Medeka Virtual Marathon allows you to rack up the metres and steps all in the safety of your own home away from the crowds. All you have to do is to register by 4th September, choose to cover 5KM, 10KM, 21KM or 41KM, get a pedometer app or device such as a smartwatch or FitBit, and then run! It’s that simple!

3) Visit a Drive-In Cinema 

Drive-in cinemas are something we Malaysians don’t often get a chance of experiencing. Earlier this year, M-Junction, the providers of experiences such as Dinner In The Sky Malaysia, released the news of the first ever drive through cinema opening right here in the heart of the nation. Still an on-going event, why not spend the night at the comfort of your own vehicle while enjoying a movie. To learn more, here’s 6 tips for an ideal drive-in cinema experience.

4) Experience Exquisite Japanese dining at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Food, us Malaysian love our food; and unsurprisingly, we love food from other cultures as well! World-renowned Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Nobu is celebrating the National Day with an eight-course menu titled 14 Flavours Omakase. Simultaneously a visual and culinary delight, the set meal incorporates Malaysia’s wide array of local delicacies and flavours. Happening until the 31st of August tickle your tastebuds at dishes such as unagi chimake wrapped in bamboo leaves, chilli crab gracefully coated with a tangy or a spicy and sour egg sauce. 

5) Watch the parades from the comfort of your own home

Although we aren’t able to attend any parades this year as there aren’t any, they are still being broadcasted live on RTM. RTM channel is televising the procession and live performances from the venue of the country’s 63rd Anniversary which takes place at Dataran Pahlawan, Putrajaya. Malaysians are invited to tune in at home and watch the programmes safely with their family. There will be other various programmes in line to celebrate Merdeka today.

6) Appreciate the cuisines close to home

What better way to celebrate Merdeka than to celebrate it with the best that Malaysia has to offer, its food. From kuih-muih, nasi lemak, char keuy teow and more that could help bring the spirit of celebration alive, indulge in the best Malaysian cuisines in your Merdeka day outfits while watching the various tv programmes lined up!

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