Top 10 Reactions to The Bald Syed Saddiq

Muar MP, Syed Saddiq, recently started a storm on social media after reaching his RM200,000 target for #1Keluarga1Laptop and going bald for it.

With RM383,000 raised in merely five days, he has since started distributing the laptops to those in the Muar area for a good cause, but the internet on the other still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Saddiq, a frequent on social media as well, had shaved bald.

Of course, Malaysian’s weren’t going to let by the chance to make a good laugh from the moment.

Here are the top 10 tweets about the now “Botak YB”.

1) Not sure what bread this is, but it’s definitely Syed Saddiq-approved

2) One thing’s for sure, the man’s certainly not worried about barbershops not being allowed to open during MCO 2.0

3) One of the many highlights from news of how the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had bought a Twitter account from a 16-year-old but forgotten to rid of the tweets.

4) Botaks Assemble

5) Of course, we couldn’t leave out this video of “Not Yet Botak YB” and Harry Kok Siew Yok

6) Glorious indeed

7) Well, at least it’s for a good cause

8) Botaks assemble, again?

9) With all the memes out there, there’s certainly an expression for everything we’re feeling now

10) Lastly, the video that started it all

Top 10 Malaysian Reactions to MCO 2.0 & Emergency

As Malaysian take their first step in MCO 2.0, nay took to Twitter to share about how they feel about a second lockdown just days into the new year.

Here’s the top 10 reactions of Malaysians reacting to MCO 2.0.

To start off, someone certainly have their eyes and stonks.

For the rest of us, we were still trying to wrap our head around the fact that it all happened in -1 days.

Now, before we jump to conclusions…

In other things, MCMC’s Twitter disappeared after netizens uncovered tweets from a 16-year-old in which they had bought their Twitter account from in 2014.

Just when we thought 2021 would be a better year for all.

Focusing on the fact that this user had said “Mr Agong”

Darurat sisters indeed.

I mean, you’d never know when you might need a reminder

Clearly learning from last year’s experience

And to top it off, a literal picture of us in the past few days.

WhatsApp: Share Your Data With Facebook Or Risk Being Deleted

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform in the world; however, in a time where privacy is often taken for granted, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is starting to have its users worried about the amount of data they’re collecting.

In a bid to force users to share data with its parent company, Facebook, WhatsApp said users would have to agree to let Facebook and its subsidiaries collect WhatsApp data including users’ phone numbers, contacts’ phone numbers, locations, and more. Users who don’t agree by February 8th can expect to lose access to the messaging platform by then.

A WhatsApp spokeswoman told Ars Technica that this was to allow businesses to store WhatsApp chats using Facebook’s broader infrastructure.

A WhatsApp spokesman did not clarify why the platform decided to make the change but said it would not affect EU and UK-based users.

“There are no changes to WhatsApp’s data sharing practices in the European region (including UK) arising from the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For the avoidance of any doubt, it is still the case that WhatsApp does not share European region WhatsApp user data with Facebook for the purpose of Facebook using this data to improve its products or advertisements,” the spokesman said.

So what exactly is WhatsApp gathering data on? Here’s all of them.

Device ID

User ID

Advertising Data

Purchase History

Coarse Location

Phone Number

Email Address


Product Interaction

Crash Data

Performance Data

Other Diagnostic Data

Payment Info

Customer Support

Product Interaction

Other User Content

WhatsApp has actually been sharing your data with Facebook since 2016, but the latest option to not have an option is deemed as crossing a line for many.

In a recent release by Apple’s App Store, “App Privacy” labels also shows how much data are being collected by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy revisions don’t actually alter the messaging service’s behavior, but it’s still significant that users may have thought the company was offering an opt-out option all these years that didn’t actually exist, according to Forbes.

A level of data-sharing that some users disagree with and even fear has already been going on under their noses for years, and people are starting to realize it.

5 Ways Music Can Help Making A Pandemic That Less Stressful

As we continue to distance ourselves from one another, 2021 is beginning to not look any different as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage throughout the world.

While entertainment and literally anything in general is being canceled abruptly, people are starting to find more sources of entertainment mainly from devices such as using movie streaming services and also music streaming services among the many.

Times like these we need reassurance, we need the connection, and most importantly, we need to connect and share. We are all in this together and we are going to get better together no matter how long it takes. Here are five reasons to why music helps during a pandemic.

1) Music connects lives and stories

With streaming services such Spotify and Apple Music, music and playlist sharing are a thing and is easier than ever! Wondering what your friends are listening to? You can now visit their profile and check out some new artists. Want to share a playlist with your friend while he or she works out? You could easily do that now as well.

2) Sparks creativity and curiosity

Stuck at a seemingly impossible project and need new ideas? There are tons of music out there to help spark the mind into imagining and creating new content. Thinking about learning a new instrument? Well we don’t need to remind you that now is a better time than any to begin, especially with all the time spent at home,

3) Opportunity to try something new

Little did you know, that you don’t need to have prior music learning experience to begin mangling in music making. There are tons of beginner level music making tools out there such as GarageBand, Acapella, Djay and Beat Maker to name a few. Other than that, small instruments such as the ukulele and the Marimba are perfect to have around the house during this time.

4) Socializing and relaxing

Although tons of concerts and live events aren’t happening this year, a lot of them have been moved online. Take this opportunity to experience the new form of concerts virtually. In the meantime, the internet is full of recordings of concerts from the past that are perfect for any given time of any given day.

5) Stress reliever

During exceptionally stressful times, my is helps with decreasing our stress levels and also make our days that less depressing. Other than that, music therapy is something that’s y being picked up by many during these times and are proving to be essential when everyone’s locked up at home.

6 Tweets to Welcome 2021

As unbelievable as it seems, we’ve finally made in to 2021 all in one averagely fine piece.

With all the mishaps that we’ve had since the pandemic struck in 2020, 2021 was the only thing we’ve all looked forward to; now that all those are far behind us in the past, 2021 is one we’re hopeful for  as what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ain’t it?

With merely two days in the year, netizens are quick to express their gratitude for surviving a rather horrid 2020 or how it’s going to be 2020 part 2. Nonetheless to whichever side you’re on, here are the 6 best tweets we’ve found that about 2021 yet.

5 Ways to Deal With the Christmas Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but when a pandemic has taken up the whole year, trying to deck the halls with boughs of holly may be a harder task than usual this time.

It’s important to know that it’s understandably normal to feel the blues during this festive season as some of us may have more downs than ups in 2020 that Christmas doesn’t even feel festive anymore.

Apart from skipping Christmas parties and cutting down on holidays festivities, a blue Christmas isn’t permanent as there are ways to overcome them. Here are 5 ways to ensure that your holidays are filled with festive when you need it.

1) Limit alcohol intake

Instead of beer and wine, try stirring up a mock tail or perhaps even a classic homemade cup of eggnog instead to lifted the mood. If you are in fact at a party, limit yourself to fewer servings of alcohol and focus your energy on catching up with friends for the season instead.

2) Get some sleep

A little bit of sleep helps boosts your immunity and importantly, you mood as well. Take rests when you have too and refrain from staying up too later as some good sleep goes a long way when you need the energy for the next day.

3) Learn to say no

Yes, gathering with family and friends are important during this time of the year; don’t overpower yourself with a full schedule and remember to take time for yourself when you need it, but do remember to spend time with them, Christmas is still in fact the perfect time for family time.

4) Avoid overeating

Christmas food may be wholesome and oh so tempting for seconds, but avoid overeating and only eat what you can. You are what you eat, so you certainly don’t want to be a turkey on the sofa during this festive season.

5) Volunteer

As many are less fortunate than you, take this time of the year to give. Look for soup kitchens or volunteer centers where you could help spread the joy of Christmas, plus the gift of giving is always a good one to give out for Christmas.

6 Celebrities That Have Served Time in Jail

Celebrities just like any other people are to abide by the laws that are set in place, and similar to every other offender out there, jail time too is a thing for them when breaching them.

Here’s a quick fresher on several celebrities that have served jail time, some even more than once.

Robert Downey Jr.

Downey was stopped by police in 1996 where he was driving naked down Sunset Boulevard in possession of cocaine, heroin and a gun. Adding on from probation violations from that conviction, he was sentenced to three years in 1999 and was released on bail after a year. Good thing to say, the actor has never looked back since and has gain steady momentum especially after the widespread success of Iron Man.

Mark Wahlberg

At 16 years old, Wahlberg hit a man in the head with a stick and punched another, all while avoiding police after trying to steal bear from a store in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He was convicted of assault and served 45 days of a three-month sentence.

Tim Allen

Allen was arrested in 1978 at an airport in Michigan for possession of cocaine; he plead guilty to drug trafficking and spent 2 years and four months in a Minnesota prison.

Martha Stewart

The American businesswoman was guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements; she served five months in a federal women’s prison in West Virginia and another five in house arrest.

Justin Bieber

The 26-year-old star was arrested for a DUI in Miami Beach in 2014 after admitting to police that he had been smoking marijuana and had taken prescription medication. Bieber spent a day in jail and shared a mugshot of his arrest with the caption “Mugshot #jailsnotacoolplacetobe, #notfun #neveragain,”

Johnny Cash

Despite landing in jail seven times for misdemeanors, the Man in Black have ever stayed only one night. Sometimes he was arrested for being drunk and picking flowers out of a stranger’s garden in the wee hours of the morning, but he was also arrested for starting a forest fire in California, and for smuggling amphetamines into the United States from Mexico. Cash was quoted as saying, “I took all the drugs there are to take, and I drank.” It wasn’t until his second marriage, to June Carter, that he began to pull himself out.

With MagSafe, Apple May Be Releasing a Portless iPhone in 2021

As Apple takes gradual steps towards a very wireless future, what started with the removal of the headphone jack and introduction of wireless headphones and charging may lead up to the inevitable removable of the iPhone’s charging port in 2021.

As leaks on Twitter states and according to the well-connected Tech analyst and Apple leaker, Jon Proser, it won’t necessarily be new and makes much more sense than switching over to the USB-C.

If Apple does it, it would be on one of the four iPhone line ups similar to the iPhone 12. In terms of which model however is still up in the air as pundits are predicting it for perhaps the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but we could never be too sure.

One thing that we can be sure though, is that Apple isn’t going to switch to USB-C anytime soon.

Following in footsteps of Chinese phone-maker Vivo, Apple wouldn’t be the first to do it as the Vivo Apex 2019 was launched last year and followed with the Apex 2020. Since Apple had infamously killed off standard features in the past, there is no reason to why they won’t do it again.

More durability

When a phone is completely sealed off, no ports mean no seams and therefore fewer gaps for dust particles and water to get into the phone. All these just adds on to the emphasis on ceramic shields and the already present water resistance in all iPhones since 2016. Although, some users would see this as Apple robbing them of perfectly fine input points.

The best of wireless charging

Apple has since embraced wireless technology in 2018 when it step foot in the market with its Qi-based wireless inductive charging iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Now that MagSafe works even faster than Qi chargers and has put the AirPower disaster in the dusts, it’s a jump from 5 watts to 15 watts, a step in the right direction form Apple even though it has catching up to do with competitor such as Xiaomi and Oppo.

It already has a line of wireless products to back it up

MagSafe chargers, MagSafe compatible cases and accessories are just among the many wireless accessories and capabilities Apple has in stored to back its wireless decision. Apple already has iCloud and Airdrop for cloud data transferring while AirPods, AirPods Pro and the recent AirPods Max along with the second-generation Apple Pencil only enhances Apple’s devices without the use of any wires. Did we also mention that the Apple Watch also charges wirelessly and quite similarly to the iPhone 12’s snap on charge?

Better differentiation between models

It would be possible that the pro line of iPhones will get the portless treatment while the regular and mini line will keep their ports. Differentiating more between models would allow Apple to command higher prices for its fancier iPhones and target those who have higher budgets.

MOHE: Insufficient Evidence for Claims of Racism at Limkokwing University

Apart from a billboard depicting founder Lim Kok Wing as the “King of Africa” with an image of him being swarmed by Sierra Leone students, Limkokwing University has also come under fire earlier this year for various claims of racism within the management and staff members.

The university had been investigated by the Ministry of Higher Education for said allegations who had yesterday claimed that there weren’t sufficient evidence to prove claims of racism against the university management.

This news came even after students and former staff members are believed to have spoken out against the university in June, especially after the controversial “King of Africa” billboard incident.

Back then, one of its students Malaz El took to Twitter to share screenshots and claims about the racism she experienced, where she was said to be referred to as “a bit too roasted”.

She also added on how promotional pieces were encouraged to have “more caucasian”, “try to copy paste in white people” and “don’t want blacks. Want blonde blue eyes and grey eyes”.

The work ethics at the university was also criticized as staff claimed to have worked until midnight without overtime pay and had to deal with work messages at 3am.

Limkokwing Univeristy has since apologised for the “King of Africa” billboard but is yet to comment further on said allegations. 

Counting Down the 10 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time

We’ve reached that time of the year again where every major radio station in the world would see the return of Christmas tunes, making our car rides that much more festive for the season.

When it comes to Christmas songs, everyone has a song or two that is unmissable; you love it, you don’t’ mind listening to it for a month straight and you can recite almost all the words to the songs, but have you ever put it to thought on which track is the best-selling of all time?

Ever since the penning of the very first Christmas song, we’ve seen multiple worthy candidates, here are the top 10 best-selling ones of all time.

10) “Blue Christmas”/”Santa Claus is Back in Town” – Elvis Presley

A music countdown wouldn’t be complete without the King himself. In 1999, Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” became the first ever Christmas song to reach platinum just by physical sales alone.

9) “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” – Brenda Lee

According to Billboard in 2016, the 1958 classic has been downloaded at least a million times and has reported to have sold as many as 25 million copies.

8) “Mary, Did You Know” – Pentatonix

Known popularly as an acapella group, Pentatonix’s cover of the Michael English Christian went platinum in 2018.

7) “Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

In 2016, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra mash-up of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” and “Shchedryk” has been downloaded 1.3 million times.

6) “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” – Kristen Bell

One of the few songs from Disney’s Frozen to go platinum, the song racked up 1.6 million downloads in 2016 and has increased steadily since Frozen 2’s release.

5) “Mistletoe” – Justin Bieber

“Mistletoe” has sold at least two million copies and is one of the only two songs that have officially been rewarded a status of multi-platinum.

4) “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” – Band Aid

If you’re a fan of Wham! and the sharp crisp vocals of George Michael, you’d be a fan of this as well as it not only features Michael himself but also Boy George and Duran Duran. Widely thought as the song that inspired U.S.A For Africa’s “We Are the World”, the song sold 2.5 million copies in the U.S. 

3) “All I Want For Christmas is You” – Mariah Carey

Written in 1994, the queen of Christmas’ ultimate bop it is Spotify’s most streamed Christmas song of all time and has sold at least 16 million copies

2) “Silent Night” – Bing Crosby

With a Queen rocking the charts every year, it only seems fitting to include a King of Christmas as well. Not to be mistaken with Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby is its King who holds the two biggest Holiday songs of all time. Written back in 1978, it has sold 30 million copies ever since.

1) “White Christmas” – Bing Crosby

According to the Guiness Book of Records, “White Christmas” is the best-selling Christmas song of all time and also the best-selling single of all time in general. It is estimated that there has been at least 50 million copies of ths Christmas classic sold!