Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill Is Coming to Sunway in June 2021

Known widely as the hot head that he is, world renown chef, Gordon Ramsay, is soon to be opening his first restaurant in Malaysia.

Scheduled for June, the restaurant is rumored to be called “Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill” and will be located at Sunway Resort in Bandar Sunway, Selangor.’

“For the first time outside of the original Mayfair outlet, Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill will open with a varied all-day menu offering everything from snacks and light bites, to Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes such as Beef Wellington and Sticky Toffee Pudding,” said Sunway Resort on its website.

The restaurant will offer all-day dining and will be located at the lobby level of Sunway Resort. Door to ceiling frames also allow views of Sunway Lagoon outside.

Also known for his hit television series such as “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen”, Malaysians are excited for what is to come and were quick to let it be known on Twitter, with many of them referring back to Ramsay’s most infamous scenes such as the “idiot sandwich” scene and of course, “where’s the lamb sauce”.

Other than Malaysia, Ramsay has more restaurants that can be counted spanned across the globe.Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill is already accepting calls for reservations and bookings

Malaysian Acts Out Various Roles, Tricks Friend Into Believing She’s In An “Online Relationship” For Two Years

If you think impersonating a person on the internet is hard, you’re in for a treat as this Malaysian teen just showed us that that not only impersonating one person is a piece of cake as impersonating three people at the same time is as well!

In a recent story that is trending locally and on social media, it starts with how a girl by the name of Rachel Chin met Yan at a birthday party and soon became good friends after. Little known to Yan, that this is where all her trouble would start.

Soon after becoming friends, Chin would reveal to her newly bonded friend that she had a rough childhood that involves an abusive father and a mentally challenged mother. She also added that she grew up in the company of a rich godparents instead who adopted her as a child as she was allegedly deemed “luck and wealth bringing” by a “fortune teller”

Chin also had a god-brother called Daniel who she would then introduce to Yan simply by exchanging their WeChat and Instagram accounts. Things would go on later as Yan and Daniel starts a romantic online relationship.

Soon after, Chin’s godmother that is known as Cindy would slowly start communicating with Yan as well, since she’s starting to be a well-known family friend. 

Daniel who resided in Singapore would later reveal to Yan that he has cancer, sparking pity from Yan instantly who talked on the phone with him every night and also travelling to a local hospital when he had to undergo a surgery in the wee hours of the morning. 

Amid all these, Yan still wouldn’t have ever seen Daniel face-to-face as somehow the circumstances weren’t always so fitting, and timing was always a tricky thing to deal with. Daniel was also known to have given all sorts of excuses when Yan initiated to meet up.

Fast forward two years later, Yan who was still in this “relationship” with Daniel and still haven’t met him started growing suspicions and finally decided to do her research soon after. 

She then found out that Daniel’s seemingly legit Instagram account is in fact fake, along with his WeChat account, which impersonates a real-life Daniel which she has no relations to.

Not only that, Chin’s step-mother, Cindy, who Yan had grown close to know as her very own mother, have also all been made up along with the social and messaging accounts; and who was the mastermind behind all these? Chin herself, whom which she met at that birthday party years back.

Throughout the years, Daniels’s social images of his daily life and being at the hospital for “surgeries” were also fake. To acquire images of being at a hospital, Chin would lie to one of her other friends to be her ride to the hospital, making up a lie her friend “Dylan” had met in an accident and was to undergo life-threatening surgeries.

At the hospital, Chin would then act as both Daniel who was to undergo surgery and Cindy who was there for her “son”

Chin also search the internet for pictures of a coffin and funeral to depict her step-mother, Cindy’s “death” as well. These pictures would than be used to con Yan and her other friends into thinking that Chin is in fact at a funeral.

To create the voice of “Daniel”, Chin had utilized voice changing apps to act as “Daniel” and communicate with Yan throughout their two-year “relationship”. What’s more surprising is that Chin had always been with Yan who would be in distraught by the news of Daniel’s cancer implications and also being unable to show up for their “dates”.

Yan also found out that a song which “Daniel” had allegedly “wrote” and “sang” for her was in fact written and performed by a Malaysian singer known as 菲道尔 or Firdhaus.

Whatever her reasoning was, Chin issued an apology to the friends she had lied to, friends she had used to cover her scheme, and most importantly to Yan who had been in a blind relationship for the past two years.

Yan on the other hand had been persistent in revealing Chin’s lies and schemes to the public and is still in awe on how her romantic relationship with “Daniel”, was in fact with Chin all along.

The story has since been retold multiple times by netizens due to its length and has also garnered attention from the infamous GSC Facebook admin. For the full story, visit Yan’s telling of the whole experience here.

“Only Use Hands if You Have No Head” Eatery Settles Forehead or Wrist Dispute Once And For All

You’ve seen it more than once, customers to a restaurant or shoppers at a mall, there’ll always be people who end up using their hands for temperature taking instead of using their foreheads like how we’re supposed to be.

So that brings the question to which method should we use? To answer the question, an eatery in Singapore has resorted to leave a sign outside where customers are to have their temperature taken at a machine – Only use your hands to have your temperature taken if you don’t have a head. 

With some of us more clearly still more confused than the other, this one eatery is obviously fed up with all the connotation of “having your temperature taken”.  

Should get scanned for your temperature at the wrist or forehead?

Health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah said that having it taken at the forehead would result in the most accurate body temperature reading. However, Malaysians who were concerned about infrared rays perpetrating the skull and affecting the brain started the trend of using their wrists instead, causing a nationwide phenomenon.

Arms are not considered in temperature checks as they are the peripheral parts of the body, and extremities would have temperatures at the arms vary depending on environmental conditions.

The normal human body temperature varies from 36.5°C to 37.5°C, any temperature higher would be considered a fever.

Dr Noor Hisham also assured to the public on how there have been no reported side effects of scanning the forehead with infrared light

“We do not deny that many people are worried about side effects if they use the thermometer on their foreheads, but as far as we know, there is no scientific data that states it will cause illness,” he said.

5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That You Could Surely Get In Time

You never thought that it’ll happen, but here you are, hours before that secret Santa Christmas party that you’re supposed to show up to with a gift in hand.

Whether it be a way too busy work schedule before the holidays or plain bad time management, thank the lucky stars as the possibilities even for a last minute Christmas gift are endless. To save you from some unnecessary holiday season panic or the embarrassment of not having a gift in hand, here are 12 ideas for last minute Christmas gifts that you could easily get your hands on during this time of the year.

1) Mug

You could leave it at home, have it at your study or even bring it to work for your coffee runs. Coffee mugs are a perfect gift as it pretty much says “I’ve got your coffee runs well sorted out for the upcoming year”; on top of that, portable coffee mugs make it that much of a bling as nothing goes perfect with a busy schedule than a portable mug of hot coffee.

2) Dreamcatcher or wind chimes

As simple as it sounds dreamcatchers and wind chimes make a room or area that much more aesthetic. With its versatility, you may end up giving someone that last piece they need for whatever they wish to be decorating.

3) Tumbler

Let’s face it, Malaysia’s hot, humid, and we need to hydrate. What other way to say “drink up” than to give someone a tumbler that they could carry around. You might think it isn’t worthy, but you can tell a lot of a person by the tumbler they choose.

4) Scents

Ever wondered what a forest or even a Christmas morning smelled like? Wonder no longer as there are scent candles and scent sticks out there that has every aroma you could think of. From warm nights to even s’mores on a fire, want to give someone the smell of Christmas? There’s definitely a scent out there for that.

5) Minimalist notebook

In a very messed up world, minimalist accessories are the way to go. Pick out a very subtle but bold design for a notebook that you know that one would carry around for meeting and classes, As note-taking and journaling are beginning to have a rise when everyone is stuck at home during the pandemic, you might even give someone the urge to pick up on a new hobby.

5 Malaysian Shopping Malls That Are All Set for Christmas

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has made this Christmas a weird one, that didn’t stop shopping malls around Malaysia to put their Christmas decorations to good use.

Every year malls around Malaysia welcome the festive season with an extravagant show of light displays and decorations, and safe to say that one always outdo the other in terms of gathering good feels and the festivity all under one roof.

Here’s 6 malls of Malaysia that brought the Christmas for 

1) Pavillion

One of the many Instagram-worthy shots that you’ve definitely seen once at least on social media, Pavillion’s Golden Christmas Memories is one onf the most eagerly awaited Christmas displays. Apart from nostalgic and traditional decorations, a traditional European Christmas village is accompanied by a 30 foot Christmas tree and giant brightly colored ornaments hanging from the ceilings.

2) Mid Valley Megamall

The Centre Court at Mid Valley Is decorated with oh so jolly decorations and of course, multiple Instagram-able spots as well. Hot air balloons, plush toys, and Christmas trees adorned with candy-cane inspired ornaments, these decorations are also based on the theme of a huge family estate; various sparts are made to look like different parts of a massive house to the garden. 

3) The Gardens Mall

The Gardens Mall went with the traditions this year with a traditional Christmas market. A hallway is set up with twinkly lights accompanied by wreaths on street lamps and of course, a Christmas tree beaming red and gold. Apart from decorations, its props range from a very real Volkswagen Beetle, a Morris Minor 1000 and a Vespa.

4) Sunway Pyramid

Looking for Santa’s secret workshop? Look no further as Sunway Pyramid marked the holidays with recreating just that. Surrounded by wrapped gifts and nutcrackers, a Christmas tree also make this display a spot for the kids to enjoy!

5) Suria KLCC

Giant Christmas trees, giant nutcrackers and giant bow-wrapped gifts. Colorful lights and decorations don’t even seem like the main attraction anymore.

Malaysia To Receive 12.8 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Vaccine in February 2021

As the U.S. and U.K. starts rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine, one wouldn’t help but wonder, when will Malaysia receive its share of the vaccine and start administering it on its people

Well rest assured, because Bernama has reported that the nation can expect to receive its first batch of the vaccine by Pfizer-BioNTech in February 2021. One million doses will be delivered by Pfizer in the first quarter of 2021, followed by 1.7 million, 5.8 million and 4.3 million subsequently.

The government also plans to hold more talks with other pharmaceutical companies in order to secure more vaccine.

“The government is making efforts to get a bigger supply of vaccine to meet our needs. The government will take the advice of the Health Ministry regarding the percentage of people who need to be vaccinated,” Mohamed Azmin was quoted as saying by Bernama.

The country is also expected to sign a deal to purchase British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

Health minister Adham Baba announced on Saturday that an agreement was made with AstraZeneca for the purchase of vaccines that will be brought in around February next year. This will be enough to vaccinate 20% of all Malaysians.

Malaysia had earlier announced that it had reached an agreement with Pfizer to purchase enough doses to vaccinate 6.4 million citizens. The government also plans to buy more vaccines to be able to immunize as many as 70% of the population.

“As for Malaysia, we have already got 30%. I have instructed Health Minister Datuk Seri Adham Baba along with Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar [Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation] to negotiate and increase it from 30%-60% or 70%,” Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said.

6 Truths About Flying During a Pandemic

Covid-19 has single-handedly slashed the travel industry into half and make travelling a thing of the past for many, but as dangerous as it may seem to be in a sealed in an air-craft in the air with several others, air-travel may be safer than most people think even during a pandemic.

Since travel increases a person’s chance of contracting Covid-19, health ministries around the world have warned against travelling during the holidays. However, there are always those who choose to travel and there are ways to make the journey that much safer.

According to the American Medical Association, there are six things travelers should be thinking about when flying.

1) Travelling isn’t just about flying

As the end of the year approaches, daily new cases are still on the rise while travelling options are getting lesser. Look up the whole trip as to where you’ll be walking to, catching a train or bus, navigating the station or airport to actually being in the plane flying itself. If you think that the only place that you are at risk of contracting the virus is on an airplane, think again.

2) Risk of getting infected while flying is low

Passengers wear masks on a Myanmar National airlines flight out of Yangon. Many airlines now require passengers to don masks.

When compared to an office building, classroom, supermarket or commuter train, an airplane isn’t the most likely setting where you would contract the virus. According to researchers and flight surgeons, Daniel Shoor MD, MPH and Hernando Ortega MD, MPH, “The odds of being on a plane with a person with actively transmissible COVID—both positive and in the window where they are significantly shedding as identified by the research—are quite low,”

“To match that, discussions have set forth a pattern of communication to express and share those similarities and differences as each flight has a takeoff and a landing location with different authorities,” they said.

“As this progresses, we will see areas ramp up and others go away, so you have to reevaluate the way you think about how you travel,” said Dr. Shoor.

3) Airplanes have proper airflow

Contrary to popular belief that everyone in an airplane is breathing the same air, “air enters the cabin from overhead inlets and flows downwards towards floor-level outlets,” said Dr. Rui Pombal, MD, medical director of the Aviation Medicine Centre and Travel Clinic. “Air enters and leaves the cabin at approximately the same seat row or immediately adjacent rows.” On top of that, a plane’s ventilation system takes six minutes to reduces the number of viral particulates in the air by 99.9%.

4) Airlines and airports are prepared

In addition to the proper airflow as mentioned above, international, regional, national and regional organizations are always on the run to improve what they can prepare prior to public health events; all these includes, travel bans, passenger screening, quarantine, testing social distancing, sanitizing, flight processes and other engineering actions.

5) Less leaving, less risk

Sitting down “reduces the chances of random physical contact and disturbs less the cabin ventilation pattern that tends to prevent air from flowing lengthwise along the cabin,” said Dr. Pombal. “It may also optimize the use of the seatback in front as a barrier.”

6) You still need that mask

Masks work the same way they do on the ground and above, check your airline requirements and if they provide you with masks or if you should bring your own; you could also consider bringing more than one depending on your flights duration and how frequent you plan on changing your mask.

Stadium Named After District Officer, Spelt Backwards, “Ffira Mikah” Is a No-Go

What was to be the “Ffira mMikah Mini Stadium” in Kedah, has backfired after the state government interfered due to the widespread criticism it has received for its name.

The naming of the “Ffirah Mikah Mini Stadium” controversy was allegedly tied to be an inverted spelling of Padang Terap district officer Hakim Ariff Mohammad Noor’s name. The controversy wasn’t known by the state government until images of the stadium started spreading around social media.

According to the state health and local government committee chairman Mohammad Hayati Othman, they were not aware of the naming of the mini stadium until criticism came in from the public on the 12th of December.

“I was surprised when I found out the (new) name, we were not informed on the proposed name as it was under the jurisdiction of the Padang Terap district council (PTDC).

“By right, we should not use such names as people may have a negative perception, but I consider the issue has been solved as it will be renamed after this,” he told Berita Harian in an interview.

Hayati also added that the local government has been advised to use names of the district’s historical figures or names of individuals that had contributed to replace the current name.

Hakim Ariff himself had also been the subject of criticism due to the “Ffira Mikah” naming of the stadium.

Although, Ariff has since denied that the stadium was named after him and claimed that “Ffira Mikah” has nothing to do with his name and the incident was entirely coincidental.

“It is not related to my name, there is a meaning behind the name, it was nominated during an administrative meeting.

“In Spanish or Greek, ‘Ffira’ means something great, while ‘Mikah’ is the name of an angel in Arabic,” he said.

Ariff also added that the name was selected with hopes of it making the stadium more attractive after its upgrading and rebranding.

“I am not after glamour, I want Padang Terap to be cleaner and better, I don’t want the district to remain the same, they have made accusations without knowing the real story.

“I was the one that requested for an allocation of RM200,000 from the state government to upgrade the stadium that was dilapidated before this.”

The signage of the stadium has since been removed and is expected to be renamed as the Kuala Nerang Mini Stadium.

31% of Malaysians Have Felt Lonely Ever Since Covid-19 Happened

Think that MCO is the biggest effect of Covid-19 so far? Think again, because some Malaysians have been lonelier than usual during all this time spent at home in 2020.


According to a Snapchat Inc. study on how Covid-19 has impacted friendship, 31% of Malaysians said that they have felt lonely ever since the pandemic started.

In their research that interviewed over 30,000 people across sixteen countries, they found that it was also 10% higher when compared with data before Covid-19. Almost a third of the surveyed (35%) also said that this pandemic has also affected their friendship.

54% of Malaysians also said that social distancing had led to their relationship with friends actually being that much more distant, 46% also agreed that they “felt more distant from friends because they couldn’t spend time in-person”.

Dr. Nur Hafeeza Ahmad Pazil is a senior lecturer of Anthropology and Sociology at Universiti Sains Malaysia and she says that social distancing doesn’t help with the initimacy that relationships often need.

“People perceive friendships as important relationships and idealise a close friend as a person whom they trust, love unconditionally, feel comfortable with, and show their real self to.” she said.

“Self-disclosure is a part of the process of building the qualities of intimacy in which disclosing self and intimacy are associated with high levels of trust, and people usually relate intimacy by keeping ‘others’ at a distance,”

Although a sad statistic, people are still making efforts to improve their relationships at this time. 54% are making an intentional move to reach out to long lost friends and 81% are using online channels to communicate more than during before Covid-19.

Conversations are also getting deeper for 59% rather than simple conversing and it was also revealed that digital communications helped an 85% maintain their relationships regardless of age. Amid the digitalization of things and communication, 29% have lost touch with a close friend.

For the 59% that want to rekindle their relationships, 52% would send a memorable photo , 49% would send an image that reminded that reminded them of their friend and 44% would utilise a funny meme of GIF image.

Overworking? Maybe These Five Steps Would Help with That

One of the many effects of Covid-19 on 2020 has been the majority of workers having their homes transformed into their office, and it only makes it that much harder to have that work life balance when work has followed you into your home.

The usual 9 to 5 schedule is sometimes just not there anymore when work is so easily accessible and when you’re tempted to just get more done. Working more has gradually become the new working well as both the employer and employee are willing to stretch their hours into midnight and the weekends as well.

What one would see as building their careers with the extra work they are putting in could actually take a heavy toll on health, productivity and also family life. Other than that, overworking has also been found to be the number one cause for work-related health disorders like stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

One of the many reasons people tend to overwork is down to wanting to prove themselves, wanting to follow suit their bosses who are staying late at the office, having too much work, too little time or just plain competition in their industry among many others. 

So, if you find yourself overworked and fatigued, your body would show and let you know the dangers. Amid the warning bells now, how do you deal with it anyway?

Prioritize time management

Break up your tasks into urgent or non-urgent in order to have a healthy workflow and not cram up the priorities for the end of the day. Make a checklist of tasks arranged with their level of urgency and set time for each of them accordingly. You’ll be able to get done with urgent matters earlier and make more time for daily and non-urgent matters throughout the rest of it.

One step at a time

What may seem like a simple thing can be tricky when most of us are so very used to multi-tasking. Take small steps by finishing one task before starting with the other as doing ten things all at once not only puts a lot of stress on one’s mind but would also leave space for unwanted errors.

Delegate to divide and conquer

As much as you want to, you don’t necessarily have to do everything by yourself as you could always split the tasks. The writing of a proposal can be done by the writer while you can be in charge of the editing and finalizing of it, same goes with calling a customer and data entries. Junior staff members can pick up on simpler tasks while you can put your focus on other matters.

Short breaks 

It may seem like a normal thing at first, but short breaks can do wonders once you start taking them every now and then. Try going out for lunch once in a while instead of gibbering down at that sandwich everyday and understand that these short breaks help with working better especially after coming back refreshed.

Adequate sleep

A good day starts with a good start, and that can’t be possible when you’re up all night with your smartphone against your face. Resist from working at night or looking at any work-related stuff during off-hours as nothing is worse when your body clock is going haywire at a time when so much time is spent confined to home.