Malaysians Are Confused About MCO 2.0

Since the second round of the Movement Control Order (2.0) was implemented in the entire nation except for Sarawak, Malaysians have been confused in regards to certain SOPs and have made it known on social media.

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

An edgy start would be an understatement to say the least as certain SOPs were implemented and then relaxed soon after vice versa.

MCO/RMCO/CMCO are just the least of the problems, and then there’s PKP, PKPB and also PKPP.

Amid the destruction caused by the pandemic, one man had actually called it way before the government had announced it.

Delaying the inevitable has also been a common phrase lately of the handling of this pandemic.

Nontheless, people are still going out and about doing their daily routines without care, or as one user put it…

Which brings the question of…

Malaysians were also quick to reference the situation to the state of the roads 

One also decided to share his experience of riding a packed LRT train during MCO

And to top it all off, Malaysians were rightfully confused and worried as here’s the daily new cases for the 24th of January.