Students Rally Behind #SuaraPelajar Amid Continuation of In-Person Classes

As 400,000 students return to school to begin their classes yet again for 2021, the youths are using social media to voice out their concerns of doing so in the midst of a pandemic.

Coming behind the hashtag #SuaraPelajar, students expressed their frustrations, concerns and the balance of education and future as they returned to school during this MCO 2.0.

A day after schools were reopened, 18 SPM and STPM students checking in to a school hostel were found to be positive during screening; the next day the total was 36 cases for students in Sabah returning to school hostels.

Muar MP Syed Saddiq who is active on Twitter was quick to share his view of the issue and had also called for help to gather #SuaraPelajar on Padlet. Other than that, he had utilized #KlusterPelajar in a bid to make the student’s thoughts be known at a higher level.

Here’s what one student had to say about the whole going back to school situation on Padlet.

“I think i can count with one hand how many days that i slept without tears. We stuck at school while the whole country is having pkp” one comment said.

“Maybe we like a small piece yg tak akan effect future pon kalua kitorg tak take spm. But we have a life”.

Some also took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

The timeliness of the announcement and lack of time for students to prepare was also one of the many things highlighted.

One user also mentioned of how the government’s latest actions just might be the push for students being depressed at an already depressing time.

And to top it all off, one student put it rather straightforwardly.