“Tak Suka, Tak Payah Apply”: Criticized for Enquiring About A Job’s Salary

The job market hasn’t been ideally a smooth ride for those in search for a job as while they’re working tirelessly to look for one, many with jobs are being laid off from their as well.

Like any other employer out there, a local TV host had a job opening and wanted it to be known to the public. She had gone on to social media to promote the opening for a full-time media executive or media officer earlier, some were quick to mention to her that the job responsibilities were inclusive of three different roles instead which is photography, videography and also video editing. 

After being called out, she made another video explaining her situation and mishap; she had then said that she wasn’t expecting high-level studio quality from the work as this is a junior role and won’t be forcing anyone to pick up the job as she already has people working on those roles.

However, she then took a quick jab at those who had enquire about the position’s salary as they were said to be allegedly provoking her instead of wanting to know more about the job.

She ended the video thread saying that those interested should apply instead to know more, but took another unusual turn with her stance saying “I’ve seen your name, tak tau la you dapat ke tak”.

Netizens were quick to jump in saying that it’s the right for people to know these details when applying for a job. Other than that, some were also questioning if the undisclosed amount is in fact lower than the basic of RM2,000.

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