Malaysian Lawyer Called Out for Accounts of Inappropriate Behaviour and Sexual Advances

In a recent thread of posts that have been circulating on Twitter, the Chairperson of the Kuala Lumpur Bar Practice Reform Committee has been called out for multiple accounts of alleged harassment and inappropriate behaviour.

It all started with Surendra Ananth, a lawyer and also known public speaker at events such as the Asian Law Students Association (ALSA) forum, who had been accused of violating a conditional consent and shaming his former acquaintance. 

“You violated my conditional consent. I assented to unprotected intimate relations with you on the STRICT condition that you tell me if you have relations with anyone else. You failed to do so, and I became ill as a direct consequence.” said the author of the tweets, @tashny.

You refused to reveal your own STI results to me, but claimed to others they were negative and alleged I had multiple other partners, slut-shaming me. You gaslit me saying you had told me about your other partners”.

“You rebuffed attempts to organise a community mediation so we could address matters. You said I was crazy for speaking to your boss and father in an attempt to keep other women safe.”

Tashny then also accused Surendra of falsely claiming an attempted suicide after she had simply taken Xanax after a streesful day.

The thread which has now gathered over 951 likes and 929 retweets sparked a row of other victims who had decided to come forward anonymously with their experiences as well.


Questions regarding what they’re wearing, attempts to meet-up with at a hotel bar and more than one attempt of having sexual relations were just one of the many violations that Surendra had been accused of.

They had also revealed Surendra for having such intentions with several law students at Brickfields Asia College (BAC), and also to be pushy and downright abusive at times with his advances.

One of the victims had also came out to reveal her experience of a said “internship” offer that turned out to be ill-mannered instead.

Surendra has since came forward with a statement that tells his side of the story and to address said allegations. 

Surendra Ananth/Twitter

He accused @Tashny for making comments that are untrue etc. and that his lawyers are “dealing with this matter”; he then mentioned of how he had been the victim of “harassment as well as cyber-stalking since July 2020”.

He then ended his statement by asking Tashny to “apologize, and retract her statements immediately”.

Surendra is yet to comment on the other allegations, along with the Kuala Lumpur Bar who is yet to address the accusations on one of its members.

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