10 Things We’ve Learned From 2020

So, we’re days away from another new year and things seemed to have moved so fast that we could not even remember bits and pieces from this year even if we try too.

What started with the Covid-19 pandemic and pretty much ended with the Covid-19 pandemic as well, showed that a global health issue was perhaps too much to handle and we might just show gratitude by counting our blessings while we still have them.

Nonetheless, it’s still time to look back and what year seems more fitting than the year that has been filled with so much. Here are 10 things that we’ve learned from the somewhat infamous 2020.

1) We weren’t ready for the pandemic

When the coronavirus started to spread globally, we didn’t thought things would even get this bad. Well, it sure did, and we weren’t ready for it. The New Yorker traced the lack of action throughout the world and saw a lack of preparation in China that allowed the virus to spread and also all other nations who failed at what China failed initially as well.

2) Staying at home isn’t a problem

Now that all of us are forced to work, study or literally do everything from home, staying at home for long periods of time isn’t a problem anymore. Hopefully this too serves as a reminder that it’s okay to not have a full schedule out and that you are in fact well-prepared to be at home for all that.

3) Healthcare workers are a blessing in disguise


While the rest of us were either all snugged up at home having our virtual meetings and avoiding the outdoors, nurses and doctors were doing the exact opposite as they were out in reality facing a deadly enemy that they couldn’t at all see. Where would we even be without them?

4) Teachers, restaurant workers and garbage collectors, the list only goes on and on

Being able to learn, eat outside and to simpler things like throwing out our thrash, all these wouldn’t be possible without our essential workers who were making sure that important tasks in our lives were able to be carried out.

5) Change doesn’t wait till you’re ready 

When things change, they change even without prior notice. Experiencing change firsthand when you aren’t ready might be challenging but life changing, in a good way. 

6) Isolation creates anxiety or depression

Other than insomnia, isolation takes over our thoughts at times when we need our thoughts to be at its most healthy. All the what ifs can be deafening at times and getting out of them is a hard task but not impossible one.

7) It’s okay to not be okay

Let’s face it, this year was in fact challenging for some than the rest. Asking someone “how are you today” doesn’t feel right anymore and it’s completely fine. It also became a year when checking in with others became more specific which in turn made us rethink our sentences and questions before sending them out of our mouths.

8) Acceptance

There are always going to be situations that are out of your hands and control. Even world leaders had to face the fact in which that things were to happen as it wished. One way to deal with it though, was to fact the truth and accept it as a whole in order to have some sense of closure for the year.

9) The internet can be a tool for both good and bad

Fake news and reporting that causes panic are just the many dangers of using technology and the internet. Good thing though, we have the good that would balance it out, such as Zoom meetings, streaming services and keeping us in touch with family and friends especially when we need them the most.

10) We are much capable than we think we are

This pandemic made us dig deep and unleashed our utmost creative side for dealing with so much changes and the new norm. From homeschooling methods to cooking, we’ve perhaps just only picked on the possibilities where we can adapt to our surroundings.

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