5 Ways to Spice Up a Virtual Christmas

Who would’ve known that we’ll be spending the holiday season at home this year? 

None of us would’ve had the slightest thought that Christmas would be an indoor holiday this year, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be worse does it? Yes, it’s easy to blame the pandemic who has caused all of this and changing our holiday traditions, but it comes down to us to make the most out of the situation and to do it the right way.

Other than being great for long distance, flexible, the ideas and possibilities you could experiment with virtual meetings are endless. Here’s a few ways where you can ice things up.

1) Christmas themed ice breakers

As it might be a little to overwhelming for new-comers and people that aren’t sed to virtual meetings yet, you’d might as well break the ice like at any other party. Share a hilarious Christmas memory, favorite Christmas songs or to describe their year so far in a few words.

2) Plan ahead for a virtual secret Santa

It’s pretty much the same way as in real life, the only difference that you’d be looking at your secret recipient through a small screen.  Follow the usual rules in assigning a person to everyone, but this time, virtually or through lucky draw apps you could easily find on your app store.

3) Put those presentation skills to good use

Chances are that lockdown has made most of us that much more of a pro in making and presenting slides. Assign at random or let everyone choose a Christmas topic to present at the virtual Christmas meeting. Let your imagination run wild and remember this is all for fun and games.

4) Christmas cocktail night

A night off with a careful mixed-up cocktail to your liking? Yes, you deserved it, take some time off to indulge in your favorite Christmas cocktail while with your friends over Zoom and not at the bar. If you’re feeling that tad bit adventurous, make cocktails with you buddies over Zoom.

5) Charades

It might be easier in real life, but that doesn’t mean it will be all that bad if done online. Make sure everyone’s internet connection is up to par, especially since trying to guess while have a weak wi-fi signal is pretty tricky not only for you but for your audience. To help out with that, charades.net just might do the trick!

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