Why Twitter Won’t be Including an Edit Function Anytime Soon

In an age of sharing ideas and being vocal through tweets, you’ve probably sent one out with a typing mistake that you wish you can edit without having the need to delete it; and if you’re new to the problem you’d be fairly surprised to find out that Twitter doesn’t have an edit button for tweets when it’s sent out.

The only real solution here is to delete the tweet entirely and send out a perfectly written tweet with the needed amendments, but why the hassle when you could just edit a tweet right? Well, that isn’t the case for Twitter as even after years of letting their thoughts be known, Twitter has stood by their decision to not give users that function but went the complete other direction and came out with a whole new story sharing ability in “fleets” instead, which too obviously hasn’t settled in with its users.

So why wouldn’t Twitter give its users the ability to edit tweets after their sent out?

Tech companies often stick with carefully worded statements to back their decisions up, but that wasn’t the case with, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, who put it quite straightforwardly during a Q&A with WIRED, “The answer is no” he says.

“The reason there’s no edit button [and] there hasn’t been an edit button traditionally is we started as an SMS text messaging service,” explains Dorsey. “So as you all know, when you send a text, you can’t really take it back. We wanted to preserve that vibe and that feeling in the early days.”

Dorsey says that the ability to not edit tweets once it’s sent out remains essential to what Twitter is as users won’t feel pressured about whether certain tweets would be edited to show another message after retweeting them.

Although, that doesn’t meant that Twitter hasn’t thought of other alternatives. It’s still tricky, as finding a way to be able to correct spelling mistakes or errors without having to delete the entire tweet is practically impossible as of now.

He added that Twitter has been experimenting with a short delay between when a user clicks send on a tweet and when it is actually posted, similar to an “undo send” feature but was quoted as saying that the company would “probably never do it”.

“I hope that was helpful,” Dorsey concluded quite simply.. “If not, mention me on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do.”

Although we are yet to hear about an edit function, rest assured that Twitter has been having its own fun with what the users want.

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