Stadium Named After District Officer, Spelt Backwards, “Ffira Mikah” Is a No-Go

What was to be the “Ffira mMikah Mini Stadium” in Kedah, has backfired after the state government interfered due to the widespread criticism it has received for its name.

The naming of the “Ffirah Mikah Mini Stadium” controversy was allegedly tied to be an inverted spelling of Padang Terap district officer Hakim Ariff Mohammad Noor’s name. The controversy wasn’t known by the state government until images of the stadium started spreading around social media.

According to the state health and local government committee chairman Mohammad Hayati Othman, they were not aware of the naming of the mini stadium until criticism came in from the public on the 12th of December.

“I was surprised when I found out the (new) name, we were not informed on the proposed name as it was under the jurisdiction of the Padang Terap district council (PTDC).

“By right, we should not use such names as people may have a negative perception, but I consider the issue has been solved as it will be renamed after this,” he told Berita Harian in an interview.

Hayati also added that the local government has been advised to use names of the district’s historical figures or names of individuals that had contributed to replace the current name.

Hakim Ariff himself had also been the subject of criticism due to the “Ffira Mikah” naming of the stadium.

Although, Ariff has since denied that the stadium was named after him and claimed that “Ffira Mikah” has nothing to do with his name and the incident was entirely coincidental.

“It is not related to my name, there is a meaning behind the name, it was nominated during an administrative meeting.

“In Spanish or Greek, ‘Ffira’ means something great, while ‘Mikah’ is the name of an angel in Arabic,” he said.

Ariff also added that the name was selected with hopes of it making the stadium more attractive after its upgrading and rebranding.

“I am not after glamour, I want Padang Terap to be cleaner and better, I don’t want the district to remain the same, they have made accusations without knowing the real story.

“I was the one that requested for an allocation of RM200,000 from the state government to upgrade the stadium that was dilapidated before this.”

The signage of the stadium has since been removed and is expected to be renamed as the Kuala Nerang Mini Stadium.

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