Overworking? Maybe These Five Steps Would Help with That

One of the many effects of Covid-19 on 2020 has been the majority of workers having their homes transformed into their office, and it only makes it that much harder to have that work life balance when work has followed you into your home.

The usual 9 to 5 schedule is sometimes just not there anymore when work is so easily accessible and when you’re tempted to just get more done. Working more has gradually become the new working well as both the employer and employee are willing to stretch their hours into midnight and the weekends as well.

What one would see as building their careers with the extra work they are putting in could actually take a heavy toll on health, productivity and also family life. Other than that, overworking has also been found to be the number one cause for work-related health disorders like stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

One of the many reasons people tend to overwork is down to wanting to prove themselves, wanting to follow suit their bosses who are staying late at the office, having too much work, too little time or just plain competition in their industry among many others. 

So, if you find yourself overworked and fatigued, your body would show and let you know the dangers. Amid the warning bells now, how do you deal with it anyway?

Prioritize time management

Break up your tasks into urgent or non-urgent in order to have a healthy workflow and not cram up the priorities for the end of the day. Make a checklist of tasks arranged with their level of urgency and set time for each of them accordingly. You’ll be able to get done with urgent matters earlier and make more time for daily and non-urgent matters throughout the rest of it.

One step at a time

What may seem like a simple thing can be tricky when most of us are so very used to multi-tasking. Take small steps by finishing one task before starting with the other as doing ten things all at once not only puts a lot of stress on one’s mind but would also leave space for unwanted errors.

Delegate to divide and conquer

As much as you want to, you don’t necessarily have to do everything by yourself as you could always split the tasks. The writing of a proposal can be done by the writer while you can be in charge of the editing and finalizing of it, same goes with calling a customer and data entries. Junior staff members can pick up on simpler tasks while you can put your focus on other matters.

Short breaks 

It may seem like a normal thing at first, but short breaks can do wonders once you start taking them every now and then. Try going out for lunch once in a while instead of gibbering down at that sandwich everyday and understand that these short breaks help with working better especially after coming back refreshed.

Adequate sleep

A good day starts with a good start, and that can’t be possible when you’re up all night with your smartphone against your face. Resist from working at night or looking at any work-related stuff during off-hours as nothing is worse when your body clock is going haywire at a time when so much time is spent confined to home.

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