Planning to Skip Christmas? Postpone It Instead!

As public health officials across the world are repeatedly advising to refrain from attending indoor gatherings especially during the holidays, some of us are pondering on the idea of skipping Christmas entirely. 

So how do you tell your family that you’re planning to skip one of the most festive times of the year anyway? 

1) Show that your reason is because you care

A woman walks past a window display with Father Christmas wearing a protective mask, during the second COVID-19 national lockdown in Lille, France, November 30, 2020. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

According to Dr. Nancy Hurst, if you say “I don’t feel safe…I look forward to having that spring get-together,” the relationship will likely strong enough to endure. Others say to use phrases such as “postponing” the holiday instead of “cancelling” it. 

2) Covid-19 vaccine talk

Turning the focus on Covid-19 vaccine development could also help soften the blow by convincing those around you that perhaps the pandemic could be over sometime soon. Utilise the opportunity to suggest following local guidelines and also to find alternatives to large gatherings especially during this time of the year.

3) Go virtual

Video dinners, they are a thing. Facetime and Zoom are just among the many virtual options; make them seem more personal by sharing Christmas recipes prior and also to drop off on each other’s porches, that way you will be able to let people know that you want to see them and that you’ve thought about them enough to think of alternatives to be able to see their faces.

4) It’s not personal

If your family does in fact go ahead with Christmas plans and gatherings without you, don’t take it personal as you have no control over that. All in all, experts agree that there isn’t a safe in-person Christmas gathering and it takes just one person to start an outbreak

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