Man Arrested for Slapping Pregnant Cashier Who Packed Groceries in A Rush

A lorry driver who had slapped a cashier at a convenience store was arrested two days ago after videos of him doing so started trending around the internet and caused wide outrage among netizens.

The video shows the man slapping the cashier, who was a pregnant woman, across the face; it was later revealed that is was over the slightest of misunderstandings as the man was angry that she didn’t arranged his wife’s groceries properly.

It was also reported that the cashier was in a rush to arrange the goods as it was near closing time. The man’s wife who was the first to get angry over the cashier’s actions proceeded to complain to her husband who was standing outside. Soon after, her husband entered the shop, started arguing with the cashier and proceeding to slap her across the face.

According to North Klang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner, Nurulhuda Mohd Salleh, the 38-year-old man was arrested by a team of police officers at 8.30pm on December 1st. The suspect was later given police guarantee on the same day and the investigation papers will be referred to the Prosecutor’s Office for further action.

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