Milo Releases Limited Edition Cans From The 50s, 70s And 90s

Reminiscing back to our secondary school days, the sight of a Milo truck driving up to the school compound was always a sight to behold on as it’s pretty much the best part of the day for most who are already drench in sweat due to the weather.

With these iconic trucks comes every kid’s, or even adult’s, favourite chocolate malt drink; for some reason, many would also agree with the fact that drinks from the trucks always tasted better as well or some reason.

On its 70th anniversary, Milo is set for a blast to the past as these vintage cans have been available in Malaysia two months ago until now. The collection of vintage one-of-a-kind cans compromises of designs from the 50s, 70s and 90s

Other than that, a convoy of Milo trucks also travelled around the country in September. These trucks weren’t any normal truck though, as it bears designs of Milo trucks from the 1950s to the current design and were giving out Milo drinks for free.

The company’s chief executive officer Juan Aranols said that Milo has been a part of Malaysians and not only that as it has also played a significant role in our culture.

“We are proud of this legacy, which is proof of not only its goodness, but also the values of determination, resilience, courage and the never-give-up spirit that it champions through sports.”

“This year has been especially challenging for all of us, but these values have kept us going further,” said Aranols.

Milo business executive officer Ng Su Yen added that Milo shares a special bond with Malaysia that is deeply-rooted in the goodness it brings in the past 70 years.

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