Selling Homemade Cookies To Raise Funds For a Certain “Uncle Chew”


With the holiday season approaching us and we prepare ourselves for a season of festivities, it is important that we remember those who are less fortunate and unable to enjoy the privileges as we do.

It’s always wholesome for people and businesses to give back, but significantly much more wholesome especially during Christmas. Anyway, what better way to celebrate the holidays by giving help a fellow person out there?

A story of two old friends portrays that exactly and is trending around local social platforms.

“Uncle Chew is one of my father’s school mates. Five years ago, my dad found out that he had gotten into a freak accident which paralysed the lower half of his body. He could not afford to work and lost his income. He was then abandoned by his wife and children” Twitter user, @Hilasaurus, said in a Twitter thread that has over nine thousand retweets and 11 thousand likes so far.

According to Hilda, her father and his other classmates have been supporting Uncle Chew with his rent and food as Uncle Chew struggles to gather enough money to support himself and resorts to only a meal a day at times. She too wants to play a helping hand in this and has chosen to help with the sales of her baked goods.


“This Christmas, we plan to send Uncle Chew a gift. A Christmas gift. I will be fundraising a total amount of RM10,000. I will be selling jars of chocolate chip cookies for RM30 per jar. This is only applicable to those staying in the Klang Valley due to the CMCO restrictions” she said.

“I chose these cookies because they remind me of home and unconditional love.

“My dad and I would spend hours baking these cookies in the kitchen every Christmas only to have them given away to anyone and everyone to enjoy”.


Due to the overwhelming response from the public, orders for the cookies have been halted for now as Hilda wants to “focus on the orders placed”. However, those who are willing to go beyond the cookies to can donate as followed and track their donations here.

There is still no word yet as to when Hilda all be reopening orders for the cookies again, but rest assured that this may not be the end of the story.

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