“Take Care of Yourselves” Covid-19 Patient Writes Goodbye Note From Hospital Deathbed

As Covid-19 continues to take a toll on the country, it has unfortunately taken the life of a father who had to say his last goodbye to his family through a hand-written letter.

The 325th person to have died due to the virus, 58-year-old Ahmad Bin Ahmad Taib reportedly died from Covid-19 on the 19th of November 2020 alone and separate from his loved ones at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB) in Ipoh, Perak.

Before succumbing to the disease, Ahmad scribbled his final words on a piece of paper that was dedicated to his wife and children; he had asked for forgiveness and also to request for the family to take good care of themselves.

“Please pray, continue praying slat hajat (special prayers). Forgive me, take care of yourselves” the note showed.

The image of a healthcare worker holding the note was shared by his daughter, 32-year-old Syafiqa Humairak on Facebook.

“This is the final note from Abah before he was put to sleep last Monday. I cried everytime” Syafiqa wrote in the Facebook post.

Shfiqa also told reporters that the family was not allowed to keep the note as it may be contaminated with the virus. She added that her father who had been treated for Covid-19 when in quarantine, was unable to talk and wrote the note before being sedated.

Although, the family managed one last video call before he was finally put to sleep.

Syafiqa has since urged the public to not take the virus lightly and to abide the Covid-19 guidelines.

“I was the only one who could attend the funeral. It is sad because I couldn’t kiss him for the last time. I could only watch him from afar.” she said.

“Covid-19 is no joke and no one is immune. It only took a week for the virus to kill my father. 

“I hope people will take this virus seriously and observe all the safety measures set by the Health Ministry.”

Ahmad has since been laid to rest at the Jalan Bendahara Muslim Cemetery in Ipoh, Perak