Hijabs Are Now Part of New Zealand’s Official Police Uniform

Instagram: New Zealand Police

In a bid to encourage more women to join the force, the New Zealand police has introduced hijabs into their official uniform.

Police Scotland

Others that have done so includes the London Metropolitan Police, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Norway. A spokesperson for the New Zealand police said that they aimed to create an “inclusive” service that reflects the country’s “diverse community”.

According to BBC, a new recruit, Constable Zeena Ali who was the first to request it as part of her uniform, will be the first to don the official hijab.

Constable Ali told the New Zealand Herald that she was born in Fiji and had moved to New Zealand as a child. She then decided to join the police force following the incidents of the March 2019 Christchurch terror attack that left 51 people dead.

“I realised more Muslim women were needed in the police, to go and support people,” she told the national daily.

“It feels great to be able to go out and show the New Zealand Police hijab as part of my uniform,” she added. “I think that seeing it, more Muslim women will want to join as well.”

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