Black Seed Oil, Carpets, Apple Cider Vinegar, Among the Many Things that People are Buying During MCO

We’re months into living with Covid-19 and we’ve been spending most of it social distancing and staying at home. 

In the first few weeks, of the movement control order (MCO) we saw a surge of panic buyers sweeping what they can off the shelves while the government tries to call for a calm after quite literally making a storm.

As we’ve seen lockdowns be a major part of 2020, it ponders us though as to what Malaysians are buying during a time where many are staying safe at home.

According to, latex gloves saw a rise during a time where health was a major concern among many, 888% rise to be exact and shampoo too at 3255. Lady’s underwear had a whopping 909% increase in sales too along with frying pans and woks at 880%.

Baking and cooking at home sure became quick hobbies picked up by many as ingredients such as gelatin powder seeing a 347% increase, salt at 250% and apple cider vinegar at 200%.

With many finding new ways to spend time at home, exercise equipment too quickly became a popular item among buyers, going up to 200% in sales. Baby products also gained popularity most likely because nothing is worse than a distraught baby to deal with while you’re trying to work from home; babies blanket clothing had a 266% increase and 83% increase respectively.

A couple of unusual items too top it all off, house carpets at 156%, toothpaste at 134% and libido enhancers at 104%. 

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