The Pandemic May Be Bad, But You Don’t Have to Panic About It

1000 new daily cases, 2 deaths today, four figure cases for four days in a row, these are the examples of the many headlines we come across during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s as if the whole world is talking about the coronavirus and the internet only adds on to all those that you hear about our current situation. On top of that, we’re pretty sure your Mom has been texting you non-stop about what she got from WhatsApp groups about the virus.

If you panicked each time the daily new cases are released, chances are you’re not alone as the entire nation is doing the same as you. 

It’s only human of us to go through these emotions as our knowledge of coronavirus unfold and have these signs of panic:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Anger, anxiety, worry and panic.
  • Being overly sensitive about your health and body.
  • Feelings of helplessness. 
  • Fear of people who are coughing or appear sick.
  • Social withdrawal.

Thankfully, much like every other major global catastrophe, there are ways to calm down and manage your much anxious mind.

1) Understand the facts

It’s important to stay up to date to the latest news, but the latest news can just be harmful if it isn’t true. Be careful and be cautious when reading news from the internet, from messaging platforms and especially from comments and articles that are being shared around social media.

2) Give yourself a break

Even if you need to stay informed, that doesn’t mean to scroll the news 24/7 as it’s important to focus on what you as a person can control on instead. Take a break from refreshing the news and move on to other parts of social media instead such as memes or even cat videos on YouTube, literally anything that can keep your mind off things for a bit.

3) Self-awareness

Know what has potential harm and what doesn’t as not everything you do or everyone you come in contact to is a possible exposure to Covid-19. You can do what you can with preventing getting infected, but not everyone who coughs has the virus do they? Focus on what you can do instead and be self-aware.

4) Try to keep things normal

It can be tricky especially with majority of us having to work from home and quite literally social distance until the eventual end of this, but some sort of daily schedule as if things were normal is essential to make you and people around you feel safe. Follow your usual schedule to sleep, meals and other activities that can boost your mood. You can even take a walk around your neighborhood as good air outside the house is always a good idea.

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