5 Things Cat Owners Can Relate To

In a world divided by dog owners and cat owners, some of us simply appreciate these animals by who they really are.

Although cats are usually coming in as second best, they’re still fun to look at on the internet as the YouTube recommendations show; to share your space with them however, can be tricky and could even develop what some would call a cat-fear. 

Luckily the experience of owning a cat is still what one could consider as an experience, so here are the five top things every cat owner can relate to.

1) We think of our cats before buying any furniture or clothes

Clawing. Yes, it’s an unlockable perk that comes with every cat. Some of us cat owners have specific shirts we would rather wear and not wear around our cat while our furniture can’t escape from the ever-disturbing clawing. Safe to say though, cat owners obviously live with the fact that their clothing and furniture are suffering, but they’re completely fine with it.

2) Worried about leaving your pets alone at home? Not so for cat owners

When you go on vacation and are away from home for a few days, chances are that your cat is on vacation too, but at home. Unless if your cat has certain dietary restrictions or medical necessities, it’s all gravy for you to just leave a bunch or food and water out while having litter that will last.

3) They were built for photoshoots, but don’t often stay still

Cats know what’s up when you storm out of the room to look for your camera; and just like that, that opportunity for a photoshoot would usually be gone. Although, your eyes won’t forget the extravagant sight that once was.

4) Cat toys only work until they don’t

It can have feathers or even one of those dingily bells that makes every other dog go heads over heels, but it is likely that cats are more interested in toys that don’t move at all. Toys do have the charm to make a cat hop around, but the charm of it doesn’t last as anything plastic and still would instead keep your cat entertained for hours and hours.

5) Another one and another one

We don’t really know when to stop do we. Introducing new cats to one another may be a pain at first as they are quite territorial, but when they bond, it is as if they were a match made in heaven. Known stereotypically as the “cat lady”, it’s pretty similar to having tattoos as cat owners don’t often see any issue to owning just one more.

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