Mahathir’s Secret Recipe to Staying Healthy at 95 Years Old

At 95 years old and out of a second term as Prime Minister when he was 94 two years ago, Mahathir remains an icon for this country.

Once the world’s oldest leader of a nation, one couldn’t help but to what is the secret behind the former Prime Minisiter and how is it that he has managed to balance his health and politics at such an endearing age.

One of it, is to read the news every day in order to keep the mind active; in his column “Here’s my recipe for staying healthy” published in the New Sunday Times, regular reading helps with talking or making speeches as memory of certain words or phrases would then spring to mind. 

He also says to eat healthy and not to overeat unnecessarily because “the body really does not need a lot of food except when one is young and growing. For them the food is needed to ensure good bodily growth. Still, the amount must not be more than what is needed.” 

To avoid blood pressure diseases, Mahathir also advises to eat less not to be obese as organs may then fail and shorten one’s lif         espan.

Personal hygiene is also one of the ways and Mahathir advises to brush one’s teeth every day after meals.

“One characteristic of the human body is that all the parts need to be used all the time in order for them to be healthy and to function well. If they are not used or neglected, they will wither and lose their ability to function” he said and went on to describe the most used muscles in the human body need to be developed well.

One other advice was to stand up and sit up straight as it’s associated with hunching of the back.

“This progressive bending can be mitigated or avoided by consciously sitting or standing upright. It also prevents loss of height. Horse riding helps as it is important to sit in the saddle consciously upright to avoid backache.” 

“At all times stand upright like a military officer. Also, when walking it is important to keep a straight back. These deliberate straightening of the spinal column strengthens the bones and prevents them from collapsing.” he wrote, finishing with training himself to be disciplined as well, though he tends to get emotional about loyalty to country.

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