Covid-19’s One Year Anniversary of Misery

As Covid-19 continues to rampage throughout the globe, 365 days have passed since the first reported case of it in China.

The virus has since changed the very rules of reality to what we see today, and all have already succumbed to this way of life for months as we’ve seen 55 million cases so far and 1.3 million deaths due to the virus.


Patient zero is believed to have been infected with the virus on November 17th, exactly a year ago today in Wuhan; the identity of the person is yet to be revealed by Chinese authorities, but it is believed to be a 55-year-old man from the Hubei province.


Although its first case was recorded in November, Chinese authorities originally reported its first case and reported the World Health Authorities (WHO) in December, citing the source of it being a live animal wet market, the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market.


Chinese scientist began confirming a new strain of the virus but city health officals in Wuhan said there wasn’t human to human transmission and that the disease was no worse than SARS.

The first recorded death came on January 11th with a 61-year-old and South Korea became the first country to record the first case outside China on January 24th.

100 cases are confirmed globally while the virus reaches the U.K and the U.S.

February: Malaysia’s first case of COVID-19 – A 41-year old man that had recently returned from Singapore when he started to develop a fever and a cough, was quarantined at Sungai Buloh Hospital, Selangor.

March, April, May: Malaysia goes into a movement control order (MCO), CMCO and EMCO.

June: An all-time low of one new case leads to a recovery movement control order (RMCO).

July, August: A stagnantly reassuring and quiet time.

October: Post-Sabah elections bringing a surge of new cases.

November: Back to square one with CMCO and EMCO with daily new cases reaching the thousands.

Present-day Wuhan

As a city moving on from the Covid-19 scare, Wuhan has transformed from silent streets to packed pools. 

In a recent music festival, thousands can be seen packed shoulder to shoulder in a pool without any facemasks cheering along to the music, not what one would imagine seeing in the year 2020.

The city had went into lockdown on January  23rd where 11 million people were cut off from the rest of China for a period of months. The lockdown started to ease in March where one resident from each household was allowed to leave their residential compound for a maximum of two hours.

The lockdown officially lifted on April 8th, during a time where the virus was running rampant around other parts of the world.

Night markets, shopping malls and life was truly going back to normal and the crowds that disappeared for months was returning again.

Wuhan Happy Valley – the theme park that owns the Maya Water park currently sees around 15,000 visitors on the weekend; all these which is visible on social media is largely a surprise towards many who aren’t from the area as the world is still struggling with coping with the virus.

As the virus continues to rage elsewhere, it may be a long time before other countries feel confident in reopening borders and allowing life to resume back to normal again.

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