Supersonic Travel is Making A Comeback in 2021

Aircrafts being grounded, forced into early retirement and a travel industry that isn’t like what it was before, the aviation industry has been taking hard hits especially during past few months.

If you’ve been around long enough in the industry, it is likely that you are familiar with the Concorde supersonic aircraft and how it was grounded due to a series of unfortunate events. However, Boom Supersonic is coming out of the blue to prove that supersonic travel isn’t going to end there.

Boom supersonic plane in flight. (PRNewsFoto/Boom Technology, Inc.)

The Denver based start-up has made history with their roll out of XB-1, the first independently developed supersonic aircraft.

The Concorde flew at Mach 2 and its record for London to New York is two hours and 52 minutes; the XB-1 is to have a maximum speed of Mach 2.2, making it capable of flying from London to New York in three hours and 30 minutes.

“Supersonic [travel] has been promised for so long,” Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic tells CNN Travel.

“What’s different is that we now have history’s first independently developed supersonic jet. We have an assembled aircraft with all the technology that we need to do what we’re talking about here.

“And it’s not a piece of paper, it’s not a computer render, it’s an airplane. An airplane designed to be safe enough for humans to fly on. So supersonic is here.” 

XB-1 will also have a wingspan of 6.40 meters and has three J85-15 engines, designed by General Electric; it can supply up to 12,000 pounds of thrust which results in breakthrough supersonic speed.

Designed to carry 55 to 75 people, the aircraft would be utilized to fly transoceanic routes and not impact populated areas with its sonic booms, such as those experienced with the Concorde in the past.

The aircraft has a price tag of $200 million and already has at least $6 billion worth of pre-orders; buyers include Virgin Group and Japan Airlines, which invested $10 million in the company back in 2017.

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