Fed Up with Working from Home? Here are A Few Ways to Spice Things Up

Most of us have been working from home for almost a full year now and are undoubtedly getting bored with the daily bed to desk and desk to bed routine.

Whether it be the workspace or simply the décor that you have in your bedroom or home office, work can and should be enjoyable even if you’re missing out on the social life that the office offers.

Here’s a few ways to make working from home that less dull

1) Play around with the décor

See that blank wall opposite your empty workspace? Make it your own! You don’t have to be an artist to make a wall a piece of art, simply hang pictures or use a small whiteboard and magnets to show notes or even cards from your friends. 

Draw out a daily calendar or write down word of the day ideas or doodles to create what essentially is your “me space”.

2) Update your computer

No, we’re not talking about updating the system or getting a whole new computer; we’ve all been there with looking for a single word file in a messy desktop. Reorganize your files in a proper manner as it’ll be easier on the eyes. 

Consider a change of theme too, choose pictures of a tropical paradise, a deep jungle or pictures of a past vacation as a desktop background to individualize your work platform.

3) Senses, they’re important

Moving on from what we can see, have you thought about what you can hear, smell or feel? You may consider starting your day with a laugh by watching one of the many sit-coms on Netflix.

Background music is more than a dinner for two, having some background music playing on Spotify or even ambience music on YouTube while you work sets the mood of a coffee shop for example right in the comfort of your own home.

Do certain scents make you feel much more at peace? Maybe a vanilla scented candle, an oak wood scent stick or even the fresh breeze that comes in form an open window.

And then, there’s touch. Grab a warm fuzzy blanket to keep your feet warm or have pillow next to you. These are just some of the things you can experiment with as they are endless.

4) Plan wisely

Now that we quite literally spend work time working, we’re missing out on routines such as commuting and going out for lunch. Don’t just forgo of these routines but replace them with something that could be done at home as they are essential for a balanced work life.

Spend the normal commuting hours for a quick work out or yoga session to get your body clock up and running as if everything is normal. Take the time off to grab a quick bite from the “pantry” whenever you need it and utilize lunch time to cook up a balanced meal. By using these time slots wisely, it gives your mind a much-needed break and also replicates those that you would have in the office.

None of us known how long we’ll be working from home, but why ponder on questions and possibilities when you can make the best of your situation. 

The boredom and isolation we are experiencing now is just another challenge to overcome, take this opportunity to try new work from home styles that makes working from home an experience, not a punishment.

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