This Nasi Kandar Restaurant in Penang is Offering Drive-Through Services!

We get it, social distancing and stay at home if you can; all these doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to enjoy a nasi kandar dish from a decent restaurant every now and then though.

For those living in Penang, chances that you’ve visited the iconic Hussain Nasi Kandar is high as they’re well-known for a variety of dishes while managing to open branches all over Malaysia at the same time.

Lately, they’re bringing it to the next level with something that hasn’t been seen before ever with a Nasi Kandar restaurant – a drive through.

According to Twitter user, @XXXbyefelicia, Hussain Nasi Kandar is opening another outlet in Sungai Dua and it clearly states that this one will provide a drive through service that is destined to be a game-changer.

Similar to the ones seen in McDonald’s outlets, it has a proper drive through lane and all the necessities to make the process seamless.

Although, an exact opening date is yet to be announced; nonetheless, netizens are definitely impressed by this and couldn’t wait to drop by!

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