Tired of Covid-19? Here are 3 Ways the Pandemic Could Be Considered Over

The world has adjusted to the ever-worsening scene of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Malaysia has also gone through multiple movement control orders to date. In the midst of all this mayhem, you couldn’t help but wonder, when will this pandemic end?

A pandemic is an epidemic, but worldwide; Covid-19 was declared as a pandemic in March 2020 and things have been stagnant ever since.

By popular definition, the pandemic ends when the virus is no longer present throughout the world or in multiple countries and regions. Here’s a few ways to how that can happen.

1) Vaccine is developed

The most desirable option would be to have a vaccine developed and produced globally; a medical end, think of it as Polio or Hepatitis A and B which all came to an end because of a vaccine.

To date, the companies leading the race for a vaccine are Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech, who have announced a vaccine candidate that demonstrated efficiency against the coronavirus. It is projected that global production of a successful vaccine candidate could start as early as the end of 2020.

2) Numbers reduce

Considered a medical end as well, it’ll be how the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 ended where the infectants either died or simply developed immunity.

As of November 11th, Malaysia has 42,000 cases in total; there are 51 million cases worldwide and over 1.27 million deaths. Numbers in Malaysia have been worrying high as well as the nation is pondering around the dreaded four-figured daily new cases every few days and the numbers are relatively above the 800 to 900 peak at average.

3) People simply get tired of it

Yes, it’s a way to bring a pandemic to an “end”. Considered more of a social ending, it is not an actual ending where the disease is wiped out from the face of the earth.

In this case, people simply get tired of living in fear and learn to live in a world with the disease; although, the disease may continue to spread nonetheless, which would delay an eventual medical end.

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