Two Words Woke This Man Up from A Coma – Chicken Fillets

A young man in Taiwan who had fell in a coma after a major traffic accident, had miraculously woke up after his brother merely mentioned two words – chicken fillet (雞排).

The 18-year-old man who goes by Chiu was involved in a road accident in July earlier this year; he was riding his scooter when involved in a collision that had led to serious damage to multiple of his organs.

He was rushed to the hospital where he was rated with a coma index of three; according to Hsieh Tsung-hsin, director of the Intensive Care Unit at Ton Yen General Hospital, Chiu had suffered subdural hydrops, pneumothorax, laceration of spleen, right kidney, and liver, bleeding from abdominal cavity fractures, common iliac artery bleeding, and most of his internal organs were seriously damaged. 

Doctors were then able to stabilize his condition, but still fell into a deeper coma later on.

During his hospitalization, he had gone through six operations and a nurse at the hospital mentioned that Chiu went through a constant “tug of war with the god of death” with his family by his side, praying that he would wake up soon.

A miracle would then happen on his 62nd day in a coma; his older brother joked “Brother, I’m going to eat you your favorite chicken fillet.”. Unexpectedly, Chiu’s pulse began to rise and he eventually regain consciousness with stabilized vital signs. 

Chiu (Second From Left) With the Staff at Ton Yen General Hospital

Chiu has since made a full recovery and has been discharged from the hospital for some time; although, Chiu has recently returned  with a cake to thank the medical team for their work during his 63 day stay at the hospital.

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