Twitter Deletes Mahathir’s “Muslims Have Right to Kill French” Tweet

Dr Mahathir Mohammad recently tweeted a thread in regard to the deadly attack in Nice that left three people dead, Twitter has now deleted one of the tweets for violating its guidelines.

He said that “Muslims have the right to kill millions of French people” which has now sparked widespread anger and criticism towards his remarks that have been deemed extraordinary by some.

Tweeted out in a series of outburst, all 13 tweets did not mention of the attacks in Nice, but instead began with his disapproval of the murder of a French teacher whose throat was slit by a student after the teacher had showed a caricature of Prophet Muhammad.

After giving his thought on the ways of the West and how Malaysia needs to sustain its own belief and values when compared to the European women’s dress-code when at the beaches, he moved on to the Muslims having said rights after the Nice attacks that “…angry people kill. The French in the course of their history has killed millions of people. Many were Muslims”.

Mahathir also took a dig at French president, Emmanuel Macron; he called on Macron for “not showing that he is civilised” and “is very primitive in blaming the religion of Islam and Muslims for the killing of the insulting school teacher” and “is not in keeping with the teachings of Islam”.

He ended the thread by stating that Muslims have the right to “punish the French” since “you have blamed all Muslims and the Muslims’ religion for what was done by one angry person”.

After speaking with the MD of TwitterFrance, Cédric O, the French Minister of State for Digital and Telecommunication, has since stated that Mahathir’s account should be immediately suspended.

In his tweet, he said “The account of @chedetofficial must be immediately suspended. If not, @twitter would be an accomplice to a formal call for murder.”

Mahathir’s tweet regarding “killing the French” was initially flagged but was eventually deleted entirely after it violated Twitter’s policies regarding glorification of violence.

Apart from Mahathir himself, protests and boycotts have also erupted in other Muslim countries while French Muslims continue to express their anger and sadness after the attacks.

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