3 Haunted Hotels that Promises More than Just a Comfortable Stay

Whether you’re passionate about ghost-hunting or you’re simply intrigued by history and tall tales of the past, you’d be glad to know that Malaysia has its fair share of spooky tales spanning from Pahang and Penang all the way to KL itself.

1) First World Hotel

Situated at Genting Highlands in Pahang, the First World Hotel is considered the largest, most popular in the Genting Resort and also one of the most haunted in the world. Since most go-ers are casino fanatics, urban legend says that it’s a hotspot for gamblers to commit suicide over the years.

Ghosts are seen jumping off and disappearing in mid-air, loitering in corridors and floating outside windows. Stories also say that the entire 21st floor is haunted and that the elevator never stops at that particular floor; the smell of incense also surrounds the whole hotel and weird noises, crying and wailing can be heard by visitors too.

Some rooms are not available for guest as they are some have succumb to falling ill during or after their stay in those particular rooms.

2) Mandarin Pacific Hotel 

Located in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, this hotel quite literally experienced a death in one of its rooms.

An old man allegedly passed away in one of the rooms and was found when he was already decomposing. Ever since, guests have complained about furniture moving on its own and doors creaking on their own at night. They would also hear marbles bouncing off the floor.

A guest who stayed at the room where the man had died immediately checked out after a few minutes of spending time inside. The management has since decided not to allow visitors to check in into that room.

3) Tambun Inn

The Tambun Inn hotel in Ipoh is only 3-stories high and situated near a Chinese cemetery in a residential area, which eventually led to a heap of stories from guests who have stayed there.

Among light s flickering for no reason at all, guest are said to have heard whispering in their ears, crying noises in the corridor and the apparition of an old woman within the premises. There is also said to be a ghost of a little girl in a blue dress.

Guests also recalled sleeping in their own room and waking up in a completely different room. Urban legend also tells of a green goblin wandering the 3rd floor.

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