Influencer Uses Googled Picture of a Bloodied Piano to Prove Her “Hardship”

A Malaysian influencer was recently called out for using a Googled image of a bloodied piano to give the impression of the extreme outcome of her practicing on her piano.

The post was written by an anonymous netizen and published on a forum-like Facebook page, Utar Confession yesterday on October 15th.

“Is it just us who think that (the influencer) is very detestable?” netizens began exposing the said influencer.

“At first, I have to admit that my boyfriend and I really liked (the influencer). She knows how to play the piano; she is beautiful, tall, and fit.”

“But I don’t know when I start feeling that this person’s character is very strange.”

Some defended her by how she had posted a fake piano certificate to prove how hard she had worked to be a professional pianist, but it was later revealed that the certificate was fake as the name is just simply replaced.

The controversy continued when the girl shared a picture of a bloodstained piano on her Instagram story.

The caption reads, “In the past, a day before exams or competitions, every minute in an hour was meticulously used.”

“If I had 24 hours left, I practised 20 hours until my wrists, back, and hands were sore, and my nails broke and bled.”

Netizens who were shocked at first realized that it was a gimmick as a quick “blood on piano” search on Google shows the exact same picture, explaining where the image’s source came from.

Many were quick to leave their own thoughts and comments on the now deleted post as it attracted thousands of netizens. Some criticized the girl for her boastfulneess while other were mentioning psychological hardships that she might be facing.

Here’s a screenshot of the now deleted post:

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