Fast Food Restaurants After Covid-19 May Never Be The Same

From lockers to temporarily store your food orders to an app signaling your arrival to the workers, fast food eateries are looking to bring an end to long line-ups at the drive through but still be able to bring you your order fresh for the go.

Fast food chans such as Burger King is planning to re-invent the service, especially after lessons learned from the pandemic.

Burger King has promised to reduce carbon footprint by 60% with its new restaurant concept. Architectural approaches as to practical aspects and revolution habits when it comes to enjoying a fast food meal, the home of The Whopper unveiled its restautrants of tomorrow.

Cyclists and pedestrians will now be able to collect their orders from storage lockers, much like giant refrigerators like those used by farmers to facilitate the direct sale of fresh produce. Mobile apps also allow customers to tell the restaurant when thye’ll be arriving by car and be guided to park in a specific spot. All this information would then be relayed to a team who would then bring your meal to you.

This would mean the end of the needless shouting to order at the terminal to make your words audible. Such technology such as mobile apps and QR codes started to gain a following during the lockdown and it is picked up by countries everywhere.

Those wanting to eat on site can nibble on their fries in patios that will replace traditional dining spaces, but there will still be an interior eating space. In the concept design, it’s shown on a higher level, like the kitchen, because the building is designed to be raised in order to make way for the drive-in customers below, on ground level. 

At these parking spots, customers will receive their orders without having to interact with humans in real life: a ramp will deliver the burgers and fries.

The fast food chain plans to build these new-generation restaurants in 2021 in Miami, Latin America and in the Caribbean.

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