9 Malaysian Cities Could be Underwater by 2050 Due to Rising Sea Levels

As the we continue to adapt to our planet’s changes such as the rising climates and decreasing ozone layer, one change that could have a major significant impact on our lands are the rising sea levels.

Yes, sea levels are rising at a rate higher than that of the current century and causing dangerous flooding everywhere. Other than that, more people are being forced to migrate to higher ground as the writing of this article.

At this rate, major cities around the world could quite literally go under by 2050; it is going as far as countries such as Indonesia relocating its capital to East Kalimantan because of Jakarta going underwater by 2050. Coming nearer to home, Singapore is also bracing itself by implementing infrastructural policies that would build polders along its beaches.

At home, Malaysia is also in the talks as well as The Centre for Governance and Political Studies (Cent-GPS) says that nine Malaysian cities could be submerged in the next 30 years.

9 Malaysian cities underwater by 2050

The research firm ran a simulation that showed the following that Alor Setar will be an island by 2030 with areas around Parti Buntar and Taiping being submerged.

The North-South Highway which links travel between Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur will also be underwater too. 

Country-side small cities such as Bagan Datoh, Teluk Intan, and Kuala Selangor would disappear while Port Klang will be underwater together with Muar and Pekan.

Shah Alam and Kuala Terengganu will be smaller while the Kuala Lumpur International Airport will be located next to a beach.

Across the waters, in Sarawak, Kuching will reduce in size as well to become an island.

Other parts of Asia

70& of Asia is vulnerable to the rise in sea levels, including 43 million people from China, 19 million from Bangladesh, 26 million from Vietnam and 17 million from Thailand would be affect by this.

Major state capitals such as Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam would be submerged underwater while Bangkok, Mumbai and Shanghai would disappear too.

“It would be worse if we are to factor in the melting of the polar caps,” Cent-GPS said, warning that many would be forced to dislocate. Many housing projects would go to waste, agricultural lands spoilt, and a food crisis takes place,” the research firm warns

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