5 Tips To Survive a Movement Control Order

According to the Minister of Defense, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the government is to implement a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) for Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya from October 14th to October 27th.

A movement control order isn’t particularly new to Malaysians as we’ve went through different variants of it such as the Movement Control Order (MCO) and Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO).

Now that we’ve been through half a year’s worth of these “orders”, how exactly do you deal with it?

1) Maintain a daily routine

If you’re staying indoors, it doesn’t mean that you should forgo any of your routines, especially from your kids. The public is advised to maintain a regular daily routine and a healthy diet; exercise regularly, get a sufficient amount of sleep and avoid alcohol and caffeine intake.

2) Limit media time and usage

Take the time to watch movies, read a book or listen to music and the news. Be sure to set a limit for media usage so that you don’t get too overwhelmed with the content. Social media can be useful at these times but it’s important to consider what we are consuming.

3) Communication is vital

Stay in touch with friends or family if you’re living alone. Even if you aren’t living alone, the CMCO gives you that much more of a reason to contact them. At times of doubt and loneliness, communication is vital and should be a peach with modern digital technologies.

4) Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation

Create a schedule for learning and relaxing activities to help the kids and yourself cope with extra time spent at home. Social isolation doesn’t mean isolation for all, as there is an abundance of activities can be done together at home while maintain social distancing. On top of that, teleconferencing allows easy communication that is vital during all the time spent along. Make sure to utilize all that around us in order to not be isolated mentally at a time like this.

5) Take care mentally

It is normal to experience stress during this time as there’s an increase in fear and anxiety that can be increasingly overwhelming as well. Be sure to keep your mental health on point and respond accordingly to your emotions, be sure to talk when you need to and the take the much-needed initiatives to take care of yourself and of the people around you.

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