McDonald’s Most Expensive Burger That Has Wagyu Beef in It!

If there’s one thing that burger pioneers would agree on, it’s that great meat often leads to great burger.

The quality of meat used in burgers often determines the quality of the burger itself; franchises like McDonalds may not be associated often with a high quality burger at most, but it is set to change that with its new venture, with a type of meat that is particularly known for its unique marbling and taste.

First released in 2018 and currently limited in McDonald’s Australia, testing of a new Wagyu beef burger were sold at a price of AU$10.75 (US$7.67 or MYR31.88), this makes it the most expensive item ever sold at McDonald’s locations anywhere in the world.

Similar to a cheeseburger but a tad bit gourmet, it starts with a 100 percent Australian-breed Wagyu beef patty nestled between a gourmet bun along with special sauce, bacon, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce and a slice of cheddar cheese.

However, the burger has received mixed reviews from Australian customers at McDonald’s as they are either falling head over heels for it or said that the “wagyu is dry” and the burger tastes like “cardboard”. Another social media user added that he was “having this really strange feeling of disappointment”.

Those who fell for it were quoted saying “Just had one for lunch…not bad at all,” and “The meat is divine”.

“The Wagyu beef burger was a world first for McDonald’s when it first appeared on our menu last year (2018), and it was a definite hit with our customers,” said McDonald’s Australia marketing director Jo Feeney.

“My advice would be to get in quick while stocks last,” Ms Feeney said.

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