6 Reasons to Start Listening to Podcasts

Radio stations and media outlets are starting to jump on the podcasting bandwagon again as it’s resurfacing as one of the aesthetically pleasing forms of storytelling through what we as beings are succumbed to hearing, the good old medium that is human voice itself.

Used either to inform or entertain, new ideas for podcasts are being recorded every day and stations such BFM has a wide arrange of topics for listeners to choose from.

Apart from that, it’s easy to find as several streaming apps out there have podcasts in its list of contents. Podcasts also offer much more than written media as the voice of the podcasters literally put the words into your mind.

As humans, there’s nothing more sentimental than hearing another human being’s voice. So what other reasons are there to venturing into the world of podcasts?

1) It’s entertainment, free of charge

Podcasts are offered for free. When compared to audiobooks that costs usually about US$15 a piece and last between eight to 20 hours, you don’t have to pay a single cent to listen to podcasts that can be hundreds of hours in total.

2) You can listen to them anywhere

You probably can’t be on Netflix when driving or read a book when you’re cooking; this is where podcast triumphs as you can listen to them anywhere whilst doing almost anything. Whether you’re on the road, at the grocery store or even having dinner, listening to podcasts in those situations is as simple as just putting on your earbuds!

3) It offers another listening option

Ever got tired from listening to the usually cycle of songs that you have in you rmusic library, podcasts gives you a change in taste as it allows a break from music and you can easily switch between both when you feel like it!

4) Conversations > Stories

Unlike audiobooks or news on the radio, podcasts are usually the conversing of two or more individuals. Conversations feel more personal and it triggers thought of people bouncing thoughts off of each other, you can easily lose yourself in a passionate conversation and that leaves you wanting to learn more!

5) They’re perfect for chores

Doing chores around the house usually don’t require a lot of brain power as it’s pretty much a day-to-day routine for most people; podcasts are great with helping to pass the time as you could immerse yourself in light.

6) Endless learning about different subjects and industries


A great source of entertainment and education, you’d never know if the next podcast you’re listening to is paving the way for your next field of study or career paths. Whether it be the entertainment industry, cars, technology or even an animal, there’s a podcast out there to teach you about that!

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