What’s All The Fuss About This “460 Ringgit Burger”?

A recent trending topic on social media involves a man, a woman, and surprisingly, a 460-ringgit burger, which saw netizens and also brands jumping on the wave of comments and marketing ideas.

A classic case of how one person’s efforts were blatantly exploited for another’s benefits, it all started when a man by the name of Chia was invited to a girl, Carmay’s birthday dinner.

According to Sin Chew Daily, Chia was not close with the Carmay’s friends, but promised to show up anyway for the sake of it.

Screenshots of their chat history was also circling around social media and showed that alhoigh the status of their relationship is unclear, they often flirted with one another; Carmay even went as far as saying that Chia is her type.

The day of the birthday dinner arrived; Chia ordered himself an Angus beef burger that was supposed to cost him just RM88. His “friends” however, were having a feast as they were ordering multiple bottles of alcohol and a number of extravagant dishes.

The table of eight ended up with a bill of RM3,679.

As seen in a photo of the receipt, the group ordered two bottles of Italian wine – Barbera d’Alba that cost RM404 each, as well as two premium Japanese steaks costing RM396 and RM456 each, among others.

The group then decided to split the bill 8 ways, resulting in RM460 per person. Chia reportedly paid his share anyway and had thought that’s the end of that. Apparently not, because Lily, a friend of Carmay’s, had come back to the topic and requested him to fork out for Carmay’s share as well’ and this was because he was “interested in her”.

Chia rightfully refused and Liddy eventually took to social media in an attempt to ridicule him; it backfired though, as netizens were quick to spot who was in the wrong and who was in the right.

Netizens pointed out on how Chia had to pay an absurdly unfair amount and also argued on how the girls were being unreasonable to ask that much of Chia. On top of that, an Instagram Story by one of the Carmay’s friends was calling Chia a “stranger who joined us at our table”.

Chia eventually broke his silence though and ask netizens to refrain from attacking Carmay and her friends. He also said that they had apologised to him over a phone call.

“After some pondering, as a man, I feel like we should not blow small matters out of proportion,” he said.

“I heard that the person’s voice on the phone sounds very sad.”

“After all, they are women. They did nothing wrong. The problem with the money has also been resolved as everyone has come to share the bill. Thank you for everyone’s help and I love you all.”

Carmay has since pleaded netizens on Facebook to leave her and her friends alone. 

“I just want a normal life. I hope everyone can forgive me. Please don’t hurt or attack me anymore. It was just a birthday party. No need to make it such a big deal.”

It doesn’t matter if the guy doesn’t pay, I can pay for myself. I never intended to share this and let the whole world know. It doesn’t benefit me in any way.”

She also added on how the viral screenshots of conversations she had with her friends were fake. 

“I didn’t reply yesterday as I wasn’t even in this group. I only knew about it when my friend told me about it. I just want to tell everyone that I’m sorry and I wish this is this means that the subject has come to an end. I also like to add that the conversations in the screenshots below is not from me.”

What do you think of the apology? Do you think that the man is rightfully requited with it?

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