10 Tips to Prepare You for a Water Outage

The last major water outage left many stranded, and those who were affected had to resort to buying bottles of water out of desperation to provide for their daily routines that involved the use of water.

When disaster such as this strike, it doesn’t mean that you should be left with a dried-up tap. Here are 10 tips to prepare you for the next water outage so you’ll never have to repeat what millions had to go through before this.

1) Plan & Manage

There are many alternative actions to take in order to ensure your daily routines can be carried out as usual; plan out your actions, manage them as the day goes by and be prepared to adapt to any problems that eventually arise.

2) Clean laundry

If you know that you’ll be without water for the rest of the day, do your laundry ahead of the crisis in order to have enough clean clothes to get you through the day.

3) Sealed containers for drinking water

Refrain from storing water in a container that can’t be sealed as contaminants can enter if there isn’t a tight seal.

4) Store water in a tub

Spend on a water bladder to put in your tub as average ones could easily hold up to 100 gallons of water.

5) Rainwater collection system

Invest to install in a rainwater collection system as it’s a good way to take advantage of a never-ending natural resource.

6) Hand sanitizer/hand wipes

Prepare hand sanitizers in advance as by replacing your soap and water supply with it, you can stretch your water supply that much further during an outage.

7) Utilise the empty sinks

Extra water comes in handy at times like this and even if you can’t drink them, you can use them for washing and flushing

8) Flush using buckets of water

Pour the water into the tank instead of bowl as it uses less water than pouring it directly into the bowl. Use unpurified water such as those stored in the tub as it is perfect for toilet flushing.

9) Disposable utensils

Stock up on disposable plates and utensils to minimize the number of dishes you have to wash.

10) Avoid unnecessary physical activities

Decrease unessential activities and keep cool to minimize the water you need to stay hydrated.

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