Sabah 2020: Follow it Live with Newswav’s New Update!

With the Sabah state elections happening on September 26th, the public may soon find it hard to keep up with the various news that are set to be released on d-day itself.

On top to a global pandemic reducing everyone to following standard operating procedures (SOP) guidelines, the right information matters these days as many false news circulating around social media channels as well.

A NEW Update!

According to Dr Lee Kuok Tiung, a senior lecturer at Universti Malaysia Sabah, the 16th state election shouldn’t be delayed as it would create havoc and would be a violation of the democratic system.

Adapting to all that’s happening around us, Newswav has come up with a tab designated to contain all the latest information related to the Sabah state elections to help ease the matter,

From past winners to current winners, from candidates information to the parties and coalitions, it provides all that one would need to understand the events taking place in Sabah.

Election Data Right At Your Fingertips!

As the fever for the state election grows, more news is set to surface as the election gains momentum. So how do you access the many data that are relevant to the areas? Simple, download the Newswav app where a whole tab would be dedicated for many of those who are following it.

As the recovery movement control order continues until the end of the year, gatherings have had to undergo strict guidelines or be cancelled as a whole, this election may be the first under what is now the new norm, hence, Newswav’s effort to not combat the new norm, but to embrace it instead.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead. Download Newswav Today!

For now, the race is set to take place on the 26th of September. Keep up with the election news with all Newswav has to offer in its app; information and relevant information especially, at the comfort of your fingertips.