NGO Offers Free Flights for Sabahans Returning Home for Election

With merely a week left to the Sabah elections, a non-governmental organization (NGO) is offering free flight tickets for Sabahans out of state to return home in time to vote on September 26th.

In a statement, Borneo Care stated that “voting is the responsibility of all citizens and eligible voters and urged all Sabahans outside the state to take up the rare offer”.

“Borneo Care has received funds to help bear the cost of flight tickets for the people of Sabah (students and workers) to return to Sabah to vote (in the Sept 26 election).

“We urge you to… take this opportunity (to obtain free flight tickets by) sending necessary details to [email protected],” it said.

Sabahans who are interested are required to provide their full details which includes their full names, identity card numbers, email addresses, contact numbers, as well as return flight dates on AirAsia.

They must also attach a screenshot of their voter registration confirmation information from the Election Commission’s website.

Those wishing to obtain more information can contact Borneo Care officers Alice at 012-2929839; Maria (011-26135788), Gwen Ng (012-2006243), Joel Jalleh (016-2212 088) and Edmund (011-12081030).

According to Transport minister, Wee Ka Siong, the number of flights to Sabah has been increased in the days leading up to the state election.

Prospective voters are also urged to book tickets earlier as prices are lower and operating costs are suspended during this Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).