Face Mask or The Coffin?

A simple cloth with two stretchy bands at two ends. It serves as the only barrier that us the public has against keeping the Covid-19 virus out of nose and mouth.

How did one simple object cause such controversy that people around the world are fighting for their “rights” to not wear it?

While many of us follow the public health recommendations from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to limit the spread of this deadly virus, others are bringing up issues regarding individual freedom and other reasons to why they shouldn’t wear face masks in public areas.

Many countries are deeming face masks as mandatory now and there are still protests against it, such as in the United States which has seen 6 millions infections so far. Jakarta on the other hand has taken the fight against anti-face masks folks into their own hands.

In a bid to underline the seriousness needing to wear a face masks in these times, those caught without one will be given an option to pay a fine or to lie down inside a coffin or pay a fine and do community service work.

According to Indonesia’s Liputan 6, several violators had to lie inside the open casket for a minute.

East Jakarta public order agency head, Budhy Novial said that violators are given a fee of what it was like to be in a coffin. 

“With the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, there is a risk of them being laid inside a real coffin.

“However, the open casket idea is still a new concept as we are still experimenting whether this approach can help change the public perception towards wearing their face masks.”

Other districts in Jakarta have also built mini coffin monuments that feature the death rate data to spark awareness about Covid-19.

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