How Long The U.S. Took to Reach 6 Million Covid-19 Cases

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives during the beginning of a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S., August 10, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

According to data compiled by John Hopkins University, there have been more than 6 million cases of coronavirus reported in the United States

The country’s first case came back in January 21 and it has been a long way from that ever since. Here are the numbers and how it got to what it is today:

  • 99 days to reach 1 million cases on April 28
  • 43 days more to reach 2 million cases on June 10
  • 28 days more to reach 3 million cases on July 8
  • Merely 15 days again to surpass 4 million cases on July 23
  • 17 days to go over 5 million cases
  • It took the country 22 days to reach 6 million cases

Despite Donald Trump’s message of positivity, the White House coronavirus task force report shows a different reality.

Data showed that he was getting increasingly alarming reports compiled by the White House task force. 

“Rather than being straight with the American people and creating a national plan to fix the problem, the President and his enablers kept these alarming reports private while publicly downplaying the threat to millions of Americans,” subcommittee Chairman James Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, said in a statement.

On the same day that the report was released , Trump claimed that cases were rising due to increased testing, many states with reports of rising positivity rate disapprove this as it would’ve meant that the proportion of people who test positive compared to negative, which can signal a burgeoning outbreak.

The most recent of the eight reports released by the task force subcommittee is dated on August 9th. The course of the pandemic has since changed, improving in some areas or states and getting worse in others.

As of the 4th of September, the U.S. has over 6.17 million positive cases and 187,000 deaths with the state of California recording the highest infections in the country of up to 727,000 cases and 13,000 deaths.

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