Should the NBA Season Come Back?

The selfish NBA fan in me wants basketball to start no matter what, I was terribly disappointed as Rudy Gobert decided to shut down the NBA. This season in the NBA was unlike many in recent years.

In these past couple of seasons fans had a very good assumption as to who would represent both conferences, that wasn’t the case this season. Many people were very excited to see a very competitive Western Conference Finals, which would have likely featured the Clippers and the Lakers.

Distraught is not even the word to begin to describe how I was feeling when the NBA shut down along with the rest of the world.

I would be extremely disappointed to not receive this season’s potentially promising and entertaining playoff. I also believe that with everything going on in the world that bringing basketball back would be a welcoming distraction.

Now that “distraction” word is what some players and fans are taking issue with. Many players believe that bringing the NBA back would take attention away from the great many social issues going on in our country currently.

There have been times in the past where there has been an uproar for change, and that uproar is focused on for a week or so. After a certain amount of time has passed, it just becomes another old news headline.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the world is still somewhat at a standstill, so people all across the globe are forced to take notice of these societal issues.

I understand where some of these players are coming from. Far too often things are done in the moment to fix these societal issues, but don’t provide a long term solution. With a focus on these issues, there has been a ton of positive momentum within the black community.

Consequences for crooked cops have been a bit more swift, and the voices of a community have been heard like never before. Society has been deflecting and sweeping these problems under the rug for years, and some players don’t want to contribute to that.

One of the biggest names attached to the idea of players not resuming the NBA season is Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving's blunt message to anyone criticizing him as a leader

A counterargument to some players viewing the season coming back as a distraction is the fact that all eyes would be on them. Players can use the season to their advantage, seeing that there are not many major sports being broadcasted. The whole world would have no choice but to turn to the NBA for sports entertainment.

This means that any message that the players want to convey to their international audience will surely be heard.

Many people believe that with the attention that the NBA would receive that it would be an ideal platform to push forward with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The NBA resuming its season would bring forth so much attention, so that people would hang on every single word of certain players.

Players such as LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, James Harden amongst other NBA stars would arguably have the largest platform ever that any iconic sports figure has ever had.

Now on the other hand other players like Austin Rivers for instance thinks that we can do both. Rivers made a valid point that many NBA players don’t have the same salary that Irving has, and that bringing the season would benefit a lot of players financially.

The reality is that if basketball does come back there will be a lot more money for the players, the teams, and the owners. With more money, there can be more investments put into organizations that put forth an effort to try to fight for social equality.

Truth be told I was 100% on the side of players coming back to play and finishing the season. The biggest reason why is because I didn’t want a season with so much promise to end without crowning a champion.

Right now I wouldn’t say that I am 100% in on players coming back, but overall that is the side I am leaning towards.

Not finishing the season would not be fair to the fans and players who desperately want to see and play basketball again. Emphasis on not fair to the fans, who are the reason why those players make millions of dollars.

I understand that there are currently some issues in our nation that definitely need addressing and need the proper amount of attention. Playing basketball can very well take away from that very needed attention, but I do think that there is a way where both parties can get what they want. It is ultimately up to the players to keep the attention on what they find to be important.

The players need unity if the NBA does come back, we can’t have half of the league fighting for injustices and the other half is simple content. If the players truly want to see the change that some claim they desire, they must stand together.

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I understand where both sides are coming from, but man I just want basketball back.

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